Short Film Reflection—-The Telegram


We chose the short story The Telegram, by Iain Crichton Smith is because it has a fixed scene setting on the story, which is two women in a village. Thus, we chose to record our film in the cafeteria. The windows there are big enough to see the man passed by their house and two women are having their conversations. This story shows the effects of people caught up in war and made to suffer. The man who brings the news to people brought the pain to two women, so we also want to protrude the surprise ending. From our process of making the film, we tried several ways to do the recording.  Acting is a new experience for me, we have to express the desperate of the old man and show two women’s emotion change. My favourite part is the background music, they really meet the scene. Overall, I enjoyed this project, it is a new attempt and way to understand a short story for me.


Climate Change——– Solution

Greenery on the Roof:

“Greenery on the Roof”, Climate Visuals, 2019. Available: [Accessed: 02- Jun- 2019]

The image shows people are seeding on the roof on the government building in Mexico City.

How it work:

It can reduce the energy consumption. A green roof can protect the building from sun heat. Also, during rainstorms, it can store 75% of water to grow plants, and rest of the water will return back to the atmosphere. This system is also ability to sequester carbon

The green roof can even reduce the average temperature in a city.

Dog, Family and Turbine:

“Dog, Family and Turbine”, Climate Visuals, 2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 02- Jun- 2019]

The image shows a dog and a family in front of a wind turbine.

How it work:

The wind turbine is alternate energy, which is change kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The large turbine can be used to provide energy for family use. There are two types of turbine, vertical and horizontal axis. Now, the blade length is increase, make it becomes more efficient.

How can BC’s waste management system be made more sustainable?

In Malaysia, a lot of sort of materials can be landfilling. They have Public Cleansing Corporation, incinerators, anaerobic digester, and composting plants. In BC, people have already improved the sustainability of waste management, a lot of materials and energies can be recycled or protected, but per capita volume of waste is still increasing. Because it is inevitable to produce garbage, so BC’s waste management system can advance new technologies which can reduce waste or develop new recourse. Also, people may create some new materials which can be reduced, reused, and recycled easily.



Narrative Poetry——- FriendSheep

A wolf wants to be friends with sheep,

His purpose should not exist.

He has been happy,

But for the desire to lose reason.

He is wiping the windows.

He is falling but only halfway.

Wind steals his white cap,

Just the same as his bad life.

Hunger, tired, yelling,

Through the glass of the building.

He sees sheep are inside,

They live a happy life,

This is what heaven’s like.

Wolf made up everything,

His resume is a shame,

Entered the company is a waste,

The old sheep knows this is not a game,

But passionate one becomes his aim.

She gives him the “Happy Dog”,

The wolf found his passion.

His start to love his colleagues and his position,

Because “happy Dog” leads him into a beautiful imagination,

Raining day, Empty cabinet Blank space lit his thoughts.

Hunger, tired, yelling,

He seems to forget the passing day.

What he did is sorry to say,

But to our dismay.

The wolf eats sheep on the last day.

Finally, he loses the job

Go back to the life he had

The dream is admirable,

But the reality is brutal.

If he wants his dream to come true,

He still needs to struggle.

How sustainable are different kinds of aquaculture?

I think Pacific salmon is not sustainable. From the video, I learned about the wild salmon’s unusual decline.

Pacific salmon is a very important resource in the world, it is important to economics, ecosystems. However, the population of wild salmon begins to decline in early 1990. People need to find out the problems.  They have concerned about overfishing and pollution. Finally, they find a kind of bacteria, which was released form 2007, over 10 million have vanished. They do labs to test why the fishes might disappear. DFO find out a kind of disease called Isavirus, this deadly string was caused by imported salmon eggs from Europe, around 70 percent are out of string and trade back to Norway. This flue is an international reportable disease, which means it can go anywhere and caused 2000 dollars of damage. However, the government did not want to take it seriously, so they think there is no ISA.

The test by 4 different labs, tree of them shows the positive sample of ISA. This is a big problem form BC because it is not only a culture but also a way of life.

Ethic of care and Environmental Ethic

The Ethic of care toward the environment is the moral relationship or moral status. This moral obligation can be created by raising awareness. We believed about something are morally wrong, for example, when people destroy parts of the natural environment or waste natural resources, we believe that this is wrong. We would following the rules in the environment and society. When people have an environmental ethic is usually because they can benefit from the environment, for example, the human can use plants to make medicine, get nutrients, foods; they are daily necessities, so people have the awareness to protect the environment. For some people who do not adopt this ethic of care; they can learn from documentaries to know how important it is. I think we should adapt to an ethic of care towards the environment.





Why do we have to know the historical background in the novels?

Understand the historical background is important. The novel is based on real experiences from the writer, get to know his culture and historical background can help readers to bring himself into the story. Also, the way of expression in different countries and the timeline can affect the way people thinking. At the end of the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance, people were keen to discover the classical works of ancient Greek and Latin writers. They not only study ancient languages, such as the study of words and grammar, they also study the history of the ancient world and the culture of the time.

Persuasive Video- Dark side of Technology

Technology is bad

The more advances in science and technology. Education, communication, and security are weak, are those progress, or backward? As appealing as technology may be, more and more energy wasted consumed by the human. Industrial, agriculture, office and home automation caused more pollution. Although mechanical automation was more efficient, it also made people had over-reliance on it. Today, more people chose to drive a car and more work is done by machine even sometimes it was unnecessary. The decrease in non-renewable resources contributed to global warming, greenhouse gasses, and carbon emission. Don’t let technologies ruin our world, the most precious thing. The technology was likely to result in less communication between people. The trend led to a less in face to face communication. The way people kept in touch with family and friends were transformed by messages, like Facebook, wechat, or email. However, long-distance communication can’t bring our happiness. On the contrary, it made more people felt lonely and isolated in real life. Nowadays, computers were likely to take over handwriting. Indeed, Handwriting took more time, but it worked better on emotional expression. On the other hand, Long distance learning was also a supplementary tool benefit from technological advancement. Was study is only about the transmission of knowledge? It should foster a mentoring partnership between teachers and students. “The beam light up your appearance of science and technology, but ignores the feeling of the heart”. Finally, Technology caused online fraud problems. Many people’s addiction to electronic entertainment induced them to post their information online, which was unsafe, especially for teenagers. For example, a lot of mobile phone fraud and text message scams were because of some internet users like to share their lives online. Technologies’ develop have positive effects, but people should also value their real life, and our world. Raise public awareness of the importance of real life and traditions are the priority. Then the application of technology can be well suit to the world.