Short Film Reflection—-The Telegram


We chose the short story The Telegram, by Iain Crichton Smith is because it has a fixed scene setting on the story, which is two women in a village. Thus, we chose to record our film in the cafeteria. The windows there are big enough to see the man passed by their house and two women are having their conversations. This story shows the effects of people caught up in war and made to suffer. The man who brings the news to people brought the pain to two women, so we also want to protrude the surprise ending. From our process of making the film, we tried several ways to do the recording.  Acting is a new experience for me, we have to express the desperate of the old man and show two women’s emotion change. My favourite part is the background music, they really meet the scene. Overall, I enjoyed this project, it is a new attempt and way to understand a short story for me.


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