Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning

A summary of Engineering Brightness would be that my group and I were designing a light for people in the Dominican Republic that have light poverty. We started off with an idea with having a chargeable battery and to charge that we would have a coiled copper wire and inside that a very strong magnet. To charge the battery we would shake the light making the magnet going back and forth inside the copper wire creating voltage. Our idea could work by human movement. An example to strap it onto your arm or leg and charge it just by walking around. Now our group has the design of the circuit and how it would work . We had some help from a teacher in our school, Mr. Brown, who gave us very strong magnets, we tried those on our circuit and created some voltage. We also had some help from one of our group member father who is an electrician, he gave us some tips on what would work with our idea nad what else we would need.

A video we made about our project:


Parts of the circuit that we made

What I have learned so far:

Some skills that I have gained would be being able to think outside of the box, to build or design something totally different. I do think that I have met my learning goals during this project. Our group helped the light poverty by getting a start on this problem in our world by designing one way that we can make these lights. We did not fully complete the light but I am proud of what we have done so far and hope we can make a difference.

All together I thought the collaboration went very well talking to Eladio and Dennis in the Dominican. I felt that in our multiple Skype chats we were both very interested on both sides. Bouncing ideas off each other and building on others or giving suggestions. The things that I did well was sharing ideas and building ideas off one another, something I could have worked on is taking more responsibility and taking time to really be an expert on what we doing. Even though we already had lots of information I feel if I took some time I could have been even better on the subject.  Connections based learning experience was overall pretty good and educational. Showing us that we can work outside of the class room on some projects if we need a deeper understanding.

3 thoughts on “Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning”

  1. It is great to hear how successful you were with your connections-based learning. I really appreciate the picture collage and video that explains about your invention. The video is a great artifact of what you learned and I hope that it will help future students to carry on your work. I hope you can keep this experience in your mind as you continue your schooling and carry on with your life!

  2. Amazing post Zac, really good use of pictures and the video, The formatting really made it look good. Excellent job showing all of our steps along the way.

  3. Wonderful that you reflected about your skills. Skills are very important to develop and reflect upon as learning is a process and skills like: collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance, communication will lead to life skills. You have evidence of your connection based learning to share with the world. congratulations.

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