Currents from the Kitchen

Prediction: My prediction is that a lemon will have the greatest electric voltage.

Why: The lemon will have the most power because it has the most acidic properties. The electrons flow through the acid well and are able to create the voltage easily.img_1647


When the grape was laying down on its side the volt charge went down.

We had to have one cord on the red plug and the other on the 3V.img_1646


Grape: The grape had a 2.5 volt charge

Apple: The apple had a 1.5 volt charge.

Lemon: The lemon had a 3 volt charge

My prediction was supported with the lemon having the greatest voltage charge.


  • What kind of circuit will produce electron flow in your fruit/vegetable cell?  A series circuit
  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, how can you find out if electrons are flowing?   Look at the voltage meter to see if it has moved.
  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?  There could not be enough electrons flowing.
  • How can we modify our experiment to improve our results?  Use more fruits with more acidic properties.
  • What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment? The electrolytes and acid
  • How can I use this in my everyday life? You can make a temporary battery.

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