Should Marijuana be legalized

I think it shouldn’t be legal for public but for medical use it has higher levels of THC being illegal making it legal might make it have less THC, but I believe it will just add more THC. Some people think it wont be big deal and say there is heath benefits to marijuana and is better for you than cigarettes and alcohol, but marijuana can be a gateway drug as well. If marijuana is used for medical use only it would have more CBD and less THC if you were to be in serious pain you could go to your doctor and get a prescription and go to the government owned stores and get the certain type you need, unlike getting it off the streets where you have no idea where its from or whats in it.

In my opinion it should just be used for medical use and it should be illegal on the streets and to get people should have a permit or a prescription from their doctor and go to a government owned store to get it.