My life is about experiences Zachary

A life experience
There are many life experiences I have gone through like loss and difficult with family but I’m happy that I got to know my grandparents while they were still alive but enough about that I’m here to tell about my life experience.
My very first experience was school and I’ve always wanted to make friends at school specially in elementary school and I wasn’t a good kid like I have tried to turn out to be I was always left out and for good reason because I hurt people and I didn’t like that my grandparents were not proud of me but nobody’s perfect don’t you think but the experience of older kids and younger kids every year that started off in a new school was tough because work was hard and didn’t understand a lot of things so that was my school experience throughout school.
He shoots blockaded away by the goalie he’s stopped him a lot this season I’ve grown up with hockey and I’ve always wanted to play sins I was 6 years old and you know my very first experience on a team wasn’t so good I would let 6 to 7 goals a game wow that’s a lot this was in elementary school I’ve had a lot of difficulty with goaltending and I practice and practice and it didn’t seem I was improving and I thought I failed at being a gaolie I gave up for a year my dad put me in goal one day and I was making save left right and center and he said son never give up on things you get back up and keep trying.
My grandpa said he wanted to talk to me and he started talking to me in this weird language and I’m like what and he’s started talking in the same language again and I ask my Grammy is there something wrong with grandpa and she’s like no he’s speaking German he wanted you to pick up some words and maybe start talking German and I was like w/o that’s cool and my grandpa said come sit and we can learn some German because he wanted me to learn another language because my relatives are German and I thought learning German was another cool experience because I would know another language.
(Hey son I need to talk) what’s up dad (its Grammy she has past away and we want you to come see her) ok is she going to come back and my uncal yelled (NO) you can’t come back from death I got scare and I had a bad experience with hearing that we got to the hospital and my dad and uncal were right she’s gone laying there cold I never could thing that there’s nothing I could do and then a few weeks later my grandpa herd his wife he past away and he said pull the plug and my dad and uncal couldn’t do it so the doctors did and they watched him die and to this day I’ve felt so alone in this world without them that’s my experience I bet you could relate.
He shoots he scores aww can you believe it I let that in oh don’t worry it’s a big goal you can’t stop everything that’s what defensemen are for they help the goalies like blocking shots or pressuring the players so keep them away from the net and if not just try stop anything that comes my way but I had an interesting experience playing soccer I wasn’t Good at player but I am not bad at goaltending and I want to maybe try out for another team to see if I could get my team to the playoffs.
Family is a pain most are a pain but the most that are a pain are siblings older and younger like God but it sucks because you love them and you want to look out for them because that’s what family dose because they care even if you don’t like the things you do but have to respect them no matter what choice they make because you don’t they don’t like you or the things you say and then you got that little sibling witch runs around and tires you out and I get good experience on babysitting him and I love sit its fun.


There was many wars but D-Day was a crazy war
On Tuesday June 6 1944 D-Day started and it was terrible because we lost a lot of Canadian soldiers even though the
Germans did not know exactly where the Allies would strike.

Hitler put soldiers on all the beaches and killed almost every troops that came to try take back Normandy.

156,000 Allied troops had successfully stormed Normandy’s beaches. According to some estimates, more than 4,000 Allied troops lost their lives in the D-Day.
• 2,000 Americans casualty’s
• 11,000 aircraft were mobilized to pervade air cover
• Allied casualties were at least 10,000, with 4,414 confirmed dead
• 10% were killed 20% were wounded and 30% were captured
• Overnight a military armada and over 16,000 troops crossed the English channel
• The United States shipped 7 million tons of supplies that translates into 14 billion pounds of material
• By the end of the Normandy campaign, 28,000 airmen were dead

There were a of people who died they should have helped out more because some country’s fled from the war that need more supplies or just lost to many soldiers.

There were not enough nurses to help out or enough people to help the wounded some of the soldiers bleed out and there was too many other troops so most countries stepped out and left it alone while Hitler killed most other countries the ones that dropped out he killed.
Hitler not only wanted to kill the other countries he also had a plan to kill all the Jews because he hated every Jew in the world.

Battle of ypres

Battle of Ypres
October 30th
November 24th cs

More then 100,000 casualty

• British French Belgian there troops where way out numbered be the German forces.
• The German forces were trying to get the English channel.
• After 34 days they ended up in the trenches that got field with water.
• They used a lot of different types of weapons like.
• Grenades
• Underground mining
• Artillery and mortars
• Machine guns
• Poison gas
• Rifles
• Tanks And Armoured Vehicles
• That is just a few weapons there was still more

Belgian and French and English together lot eighty thousand and fifty army men lost.
1. That’s more than port coqitlem.

2. And also Canada had a roll in the second war against the same German war men Canada moved there troops through and helped Ypres fight the Germans and beat them so they can live in peace and live in Harmony.
3. They needed to flank the troops so they can get attack both ways to beat the Germans so they have a better chance of beating them.

There was a blood bath between the Germans and the British, French, Belgian there was so many killed and there was about 40 thousand injured the Canadian did a big favour for Belgian but they could have done more Canadians even provided food for them so they could live.


Multiculturalism – The Canadian Encyclopedia

– Do we feel that Canada is more or less multicultural now than compared to its past?

I think that Canada is more now than before because we accept many different types of people and before they were kinda rarest because of how many Chinese came into the country and if was also kinda difficult with world war 2.

Year end reflection

There things I learned was how to be a good at spoken word

On the thing I learned was about good poets

And I learned how to talk Shakespearean



My best thing in English nine was having a good teacher to help me pass the course


And how to succeed in English ten is to listen more and ask for help when I really need it