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October 1, 2018

Food and you

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Obsessed with Oz: The Extraordinary and Remarkable Restaurant.


Oz is one of the most famous Korean restaurants near Coquitlam Centre in Vancouver. When I first came in, I could see wooden chairs and tables which was filled with a lot of customers. Thankfully, the Employees were smiling at the customers. The atmosphere was cozy, warm, and friendly. I felt very cozy in the dark, and also, excited to order food. The smell of the chicken and other foods were driving me crazy. I could hear the exciting and fascinating K-POP music. My favorite menu in OZ is chicken. At that time, I was starving, and I couldn’t wait for my food to come. When I saw an employee were coming toward to me, she gave me a friendly and warm smile and handed me my food. When I touched one of the chickens, I could feel the crispy and oily chicken batter. When I took a bite, I felt like I was in heaven! It was marvelous and delicious. Oz chickens taste very similar to Korean chicken. I am always looking for the best chicken that taste similar to Korean chicken, and I finally found it! The chickens were crispy and crunchy. The other chickens in other restaurants were not crunchy, but soggy, soft and smelly. Now I found the best chicken in Vancouver. It was incredible! I could eat OZ chicken the whole day 24/7. Also, the price isn’t that bad! For fried chicken, the small one is $11 and for the big one is $20. I really recommend to readers to go OZ who especially if you really like chickens. It is amazing! Even when I am hanging out with my friend and when we need to choose what we have for dinner, I always choose to go to this restaurant. I am happy that I found such a nice restaurant, that reminds me of home.

I can’t post my picture

I think I should work hard on my grammar and sentence structure, I made a lot of mistakes and fragments. Also, I should try to write variety words.

However, I think I did good on make a structure of the writing.

How can an individual never give up despite the difficulties?

How can an individual never give up despite the difficulties?

“When I Was Eight” is a children book written by Christry Jordan Fenton and Margaret Pokiak Fenton. This book is based on a true story about the author Margaret Pokiak Fenton who was a 8 years old Inuit girl who survived in a residential school in Canada. When she was eight years old she begged her father to let her go to the outsiders school because she wanted to learn to read. When Olemaun arrived at the outsiders school, the nun cut her ling hair and forced her to wear a uniform. Her name was taken away and changed to Margaret by the adults who controlled the outsiders school. Every day the nun commanded the students to wake up and forced them do all the chores. Even though, Margaret came to the outsiders school to learn how to read, they treated her as a slave. The students made fun of her and the nuns gave her endless chores. However, she didn’t give up and try to learn English by herself. Even though, she had a hard time in her residential school and she didn’t get any chance to learn how to read but she never gives up. Humans can pursue their dreams despite the difficulties in their life. Our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. This children book shows that when one have some difficulties in their life in order to survive, they must not give up what they want.

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current event assignment

in my opinion people should help to find suspect for police to catch him and prevent another criminal such as kidnapping. I learned that what is suspect look like and I can know that sometimes even police need some publics help. the article will affect that keep other people or me from kidnapping to him and we know the suspect’s appearance and we can prevent another kidnapping too.