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October 1, 2018

Food and you

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Obsessed with Oz: The Extraordinary and Remarkable Restaurant.


Oz is one of the most famous Korean restaurants near Coquitlam Centre in Vancouver. When I first came in, I could see wooden chairs and tables which was filled with a lot of customers. Thankfully, the Employees were smiling at the customers. The atmosphere was cozy, warm, and friendly. I felt very cozy in the dark, and also, excited to order food. The smell of the chicken and other foods were driving me crazy. I could hear the exciting and fascinating K-POP music. My favorite menu in OZ is chicken. At that time, I was starving, and I couldn’t wait for my food to come. When I saw an employee were coming toward to me, she gave me a friendly and warm smile and handed me my food. When I touched one of the chickens, I could feel the crispy and oily chicken batter. When I took a bite, I felt like I was in heaven! It was marvelous and delicious. Oz chickens taste very similar to Korean chicken. I am always looking for the best chicken that taste similar to Korean chicken, and I finally found it! The chickens were crispy and crunchy. The other chickens in other restaurants were not crunchy, but soggy, soft and smelly. Now I found the best chicken in Vancouver. It was incredible! I could eat OZ chicken the whole day 24/7. Also, the price isn’t that bad! For fried chicken, the small one is $11 and for the big one is $20. I really recommend to readers to go OZ who especially if you really like chickens. It is amazing! Even when I am hanging out with my friend and when we need to choose what we have for dinner, I always choose to go to this restaurant. I am happy that I found such a nice restaurant, that reminds me of home.

I can’t post my picture

I think I should work hard on my grammar and sentence structure, I made a lot of mistakes and fragments. Also, I should try to write variety words.

However, I think I did good on make a structure of the writing.

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