Ethic of Care and Environmental Ethic

How do you personally define an ethic of care?

In my opinion, an ethic of care defines the action to help with caring for other people.


What would be needed to create an ethic of care?

The reason for an ethic of care would be altruism or conscience that humans usually have. Sometimes the belief of people who want to dream ideal goals can be that reason too.


What would we have to believe about the environment to care for it? How should we see it?

The small action from us can change the environment too.

If we want to act for protecting the environment, people at least need to care about the environment and deeply think about the way to fix the problem.


How would we act if we cared about the environment? – give scenarios

We can at least start from caring for the environment and the value of it. All side effects of environmental problems affect humans and the cost that will be invested to improve the problem will be uncountable so it would be better to take some time to fix it.


What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?

The big turning point will not be able to show up in a short time, there will be small changes. Then they can make a huge difference too. Although the ideal scenario always does not be the answer to the problem, it is still worthy to prepare for the little changes.


Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?

The only action we can practice in reality for the environment does not need to be a huge event like inventing new green energy. We can start from some little actions that separating collection, using disposable cups, keep caring of the environment, and trying to find a way that we can actually practice. At least, it will be able to solve the environmental problems.

Fahrenheit 451 Visual

My image represents the main background of Fahrenheit 451. There is a person who seems to want to read a brightly shining book in the photo. However, a big hand holds a lace of the eye patch of the person, and the other big hand drops a burning match to the book. First of all, the hands represent the government. They try to prevent the people to know the existence of books and to read. One of the hands are holding the lace, and another hand is throwing a match to book. The used match means firemen, who burn books and a house, so I did not draw the effects of the light that is described in the book. Lastly, the dependent person represents the people in that society, and the light from the book represents the power books have. In contrast, it is impossible seeing the effects because of the eyepatch. The novel, Fahrenheit 451 describes the social issue about the influence of not reading books with the interesting dystopian background, and it was enjoyable for me.

Government and Geography; Create a country

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  • Describe the purpose of the project (ie. making connections between Government and Geography, etc.)
  • Doing this project was such a nice opportunity to review interestingly what we learned in this unit. For instance, how people can relate the geography to the government and industry. In the beginning, I felt tired a bit to do the new project again, but this was so interesting, so I could sincerely enjoy to do it. my original purpose was to review and perfectly review the government unit and geography unit and to make some connections to understand it, so I could get the best product I could.
  • What did you do, that would demonstrate your ability to accomplish the purpose (use evidence from your project)?
  • I share my work with other people even outside of the class. I got the more critical opinion of people and kept fixing my project.
  • What were the benefits of being able to view and peer review of other projects? How did this inform the changes you made?
  • I could refer to other projects with my project to make my work better, and it was nice to get more information on what I needed.
  • What changes have you made to your project that resulted in your end product? Why have you made those changes?
  • Because I referred to critical pieces of advice that my peers recommended. I could make up for my fault or weak points, and it helped to my final product.
  • What competency does either the project or the process reflect most? Using evidence from what you have completed, how does your product or the creative process demonstrate that competency?
  • In my opinion, critical was the biggest part of this project. I had to develop our thinking and design everything new for our project. We needed to share the opinions of our projects and process it nicer.

One positive change all humans can make

My article:

This article describes human nature in an extreme situation. I have believed that human the theory that human nature is fundamentally evil; humans are egoistic and cannot care of other people who have no relationships with others. The person in that ted video, Gill Hicks, she is one of the survivors of the London terrorist bombings on July 7, 2005, and she establishes about her experience. This talk sounds like a cliché, but I think that cliché she describes is what we truly need in life. It reminds me of one scene of my favorite novel, “My Sweet Orange Tree’’ by José Mauro de Vasconcelos after Zeze was beaten by his father for his and his father’s mistake, he gets help by Manuel Valladares who was a Portuguese person and was a mad person to Zeze. Since he helped Zeze, Manuel becomes a true father to him. Gill was rescued not because of her skin colour, not because of her sexual orientation, not because of her decision of the vote, and only because she was an alive human in the damaged. She realized and believes the potential for widespread positive change that can change other people, I also want to believe people can make a positive change for harmony.

It is worth listening to all opinions

Conversation with someone who is baseless and doesn’t agree with my will is just a waste of time, I’ve thought so. Zachary R. Wood describes people who had different opinions from himself by combining experiences; for instance, they consist of the conflict with his mother, some stupid books of racism, and racism in his school. I pretty like his insightful and deep opinions, made by his own experiences. Reading this transcript reminds me of the history of North and South Korea. They became divided countries since two politicians conflict with their own political ideas. At the first time, they had the same goal that was to make a better country than past days. In my opinion, something could be different if they did not just force their idea. People all have different ideas and opinions, and Zachary R. Wood suggests us to understand the opposite views with unfamiliar perspectives, for building or creating their own strong opinions, and I feel like this talk would be the best advice for some serious conversation of my life.

Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

This is my Christmas Card.

Making a Christmas card and drawing my face with Desmos was such a new and strange challenge to me. I have done once to make something with Desmos when I was taking Math 10, but they looked totally different from what I did a year ago. When I started, I expected it will take a long time to finish everything, so I began to do it right after the beginning of the winter break. Firstly, I began reviewing what we have learned before. It was not so difficult to plan the design of my card with expected graphs in the workbook on the paper, but I struggled to make it with creating equations, for it was so different from my prediction. Trying to use right and all equations were so difficult to me. Especially, colouring was the hardest one in my opinion. I had no idea how I could colour the equations that looked so difficult. Therefore, I needed to search on Google and YouTube, then got some information what I needed. The conflict I faced during completing this project was only not from struggling with equations and programs. For example, I forgot to save my work, so the data was entirely erased about more than five times, or I missed a huge part of this project, so I had to do everything again. I made countless mistakes during I was doing it, but I could understand better the graphs and equations I was struggling with. It was hard but interesting at the same time.