week 3 in math 10

(-3m2n3)2 (-2m3n) 3(1/72m2n3)

Use PP -3m2n3 must be multiplied 2 times and -2m3n must be multiplied 3 times, but 1/72m2n3 does need to (Because there is no exponent, and that is same as that there is 1).

(9m4n6) (-8m9n3)(1/72m2n3)

It can be multiplied with same bases.


And it can be divided

-m13-2n9-3= -m11n6

We can get the results that a is -1, b is 11, and c is 6, so -1+11+6 is equal to 16

week 2 in math 10

We learned about what is prime factorization.

It consists of prime factors. We can use them when we should find the prime factors. First of all, it should be divided by the smallest prime number, the number (72 is an example for this explanation) should keep dividing by the smallest prime numbers. Lastly, gather all of the prime numbers if it becomes the prime number, and make a prime factorization.