<My personal goal>

By March of 2021, I will take at least 83 points on the Toefl IBT test. I will gain the official result of the test. It will say the specific number of my score. If I get more than 83 points, I reach the goal. For ESL students, we need to take an official Toefl score to

apply to the university. Toefl is known as a difficult English test. Achieving this goal is realistic with effort and commitment. I researched the recommendation of the book to study Toefl and I already got all of them. My friends would help me. I have a friend who has taken the Toefl test before. So I will ask him to test structure and how to study.

If my motivation is low, I will hang out with my friend the whole day and reflash myself.

<My Educational goal>

By the end of this year, I will get at least 73%(B) for all subjects that I have after this quoter. This goal is significant to my life because I can learn the ability to perform a given task. I know there are things you have to do that you don’t want to do when you go out into the world. When I get a report card, I will know whether I have reached it or not. Achieving this goal is realistic with effort and commitment. Especially, In Canada, I will be graded on the basis of achievements and attendance. If I complete every assignment and go to every class, I can get B. My friends in Japan will support me. Because they are studying hard for the examination of university right now. I can get inspiration from them, and encourage myself. I will need English language skills to study any subject. That would be my obstacle. However, every time I don’t understand something, I can overcome the problem by asking my teachers and friends to solve it.

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