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We investigate when you add a weight to paper plane different places, what happen on travel by the plane.

First, we thought weight on the front is going to be better.If we throw straighter and smoother makes long distance.We prepared 8×11 paper, 2 paper clips, scotch tape, ruler and pencil.

And then we decided 3 planes types.

1. Regular plane no weight added

2.Regular plane with front weight (2 paper clips)

3.Regular plane with rear weight (2 paper clips)

The hypothesis, the paper airplane with weight at the front is rejected.The data shows that is not better way to make long distances. the paper airplane should not be with weight at the front.The plane can not make long distances if weight on the front.We got 3.7m for average distance by weight at the front.It is shortest data of our investigation.

The results of this investigation are useful if we put the weight on the rear is going to be better.We could get more distances and average distance were 4.1m.

This investigation can be improved by throwing consistently.If we throw consistently, we can get correct data because we compare with other data.This is going to be accurate investigation.

Other questions that need to be answered are how different can we get the results if we change place that is put the weight of paper airplane.I would like to investigate this question in next time.

I learned the weight of the paper air plane effects to the distance that plane makes.


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