YOON’S Electric House Project Question

  1. It means three light are connected in a series. Then if I unscrew one battery from the circuit, the left lightbulbs are going to be off, because three bulbs and the batteries were connected in a series. Also, if I connect the ammeters in the space that the lightbulb was located, the amphere s measured. It means that the electricity they are connected in a series, because electricity doesn’t flow when some part is ruined are broken.
  2. Even though, we unsrew the light bulb that was parallel with other light bulbs, the other left light bulbs are not going to be turned off.
  3. The light bulbs that are in parallel get weaker current than the series one, so series one is going to be more powerful than the paralle one.
  4. If we unscrew the light bulb from the parallel, we could say that the circuit is series. Therfore, it is going to be same.                                                                                                                                                                                  Self-Assessment-CC-District-document-Gee-1di4oq1-w9gzm9

YOON’s Final blog post

We have done SET-BC project. It was a project that deal with the issue that how could human affect to the environment or nature that besides us. Our main topic was “How can humans’ actions affect the sustainability of habitats in the Coquitlam river trail?”  Our target audience is the adults who live in Port Coquitlam, It was a so much fabulous topic that we could research and think in a versatile ways.


My guess is our collaboration were spot on because we choose our role that we are good at. Also, the project couldn’t be finished without our efforts. But the thing is that, I think my role was the least though, because group members except me, they did lots of stuffs such as completing blue sheet, recording, making film, and video editing. It was too much for me to write answer from blue sheets and make or record. I was really thankful to my team member.


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