Green House Solution Fluency

Hi. I’m Yoon, and I am hired to renovate my home.

  1. DEFINING:I have tried lots of things to save energy. Therfore, I need to find some shortage that is the cause to splurge energy. Then, I have tried to figure out how can I solve this issue to reduce the amount of energy that we have been wasting.

2. DISCOVER: I found that the wall of house(outside and inside both of them) are way seriousely outworn. Thus, I thought how could I mend this wall, and how could I make this wall that could save energy.  Also, I noticed that there are no water pipe to get rid of water from the roof that has filed, so I aksed myself, how could I solve this problem, and how could I save energy from this.

3. DREAM: I can eliminate all the wall that have rotten, and then I will refill them with pebbles, mud, soil, cotton, and newspaper. I should put mixture of soil and pebbles between two old concrete walls. Then, I attached some cotton on the wall. And then, I attach cotton on it, and apply tons of soil on it. Then let them dry. Also, I can install 4 water pipe on each side of the roof. The thing is that, I will install turbin to get energy from the potential energy of the flow of water. As it rains a lot except summer it will provide lots of energy to use.

4. DELIEVER: After eliminating the concrete wall, I will apply mixture of soil and pebbels between two base walls. Then, I will attach some cotton on the wall. And then I will put tons of soil on the cotton to make it stronger and let them dry.

Moreover, i’m going to install 4 water pipes on each side of the roff that has 5 turbins in the pipe to make subtitutional energy. The flow of water makes it to roll, and as the turbin rolls, the generator will transfer the kinetic energy of turbin into electrics.

Lastly, I’m going to make 6 small hole on the ceiling that between first floor ans second floor to keep average temparature by air convection. Also, I.m going to install 3 big vent on the roof to keep cool temparature in the summer so that we don’t have to use air conditioner.