Pay it forward reflection(YOON)

First of all, I helped a person who was sitting alone in the library by having some conversation one another. As I looked him every day in the library, he looked way lonely and pity, so I have decided to help him. As he wass a first person to meet me, I have made some compliment about his passionate attitude, and his nice shoes. Then, I sat beside him and started to make a conversation with him about the stuff that he was studying. Moreover, I helped a person who has disability in the bus. Nobody knows that he was disability, because he acted like a drug addicted, but the thing is that he could not walk well. His eyesight was not that good, so I have conceded my seat to him, and I helped him to have a seat. Lastly, I helped homestay mother. From last month, she wanted to be a teacher, so she have planned to go to the education academy every day, so I have decided to help her by serving dinner to my homestay children, but the thing is that, I don’t know how to cook, and I had lack of knowlegege of cooking,. Therefore, I just decided to help them to eat dinner, and not to fight. As I helped others, I felt impressive, because this was a turning point to change my stereotype, and it taught me helping each other is essential to preserve qualified society.

Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

I have enjoyed this movie. I remember that I have watched this movie before. This movie was touching movie that showing the progress to get through all the difficulties. Most of all, as I watched this movie several times, it reminds not to be lazy. I always feel virginity and regret while I watch this movie, because I had never experienced the severe difficulties like him. That’s why I feel pity, but I feel relieved when he has gotten through all the difficulties. Everytime I watch this movie, I learned be patience is really important to lead my tough life. Also, I learned that utilizing my opportunity well is way important. If Mr. Gardner didn’t use his opportunity properly, he couldn’t survive from the hardship. The most important thing is that not to be discouraged. I was inspired from his attitude, as I know that I’m not really passionate.

Thank you MA’AM quick write

I have a memorary to steall something. I also dumbed my faults to mu sister. ^^

Anyway, at that time I was intrigued in some mechanical pencils and lots of cute stickers. I envy my friends, becausr they get allowance from their parents every week. Although I have some money, I don’t want to use my money, because I could not spend later, when I need to buy(get) something later. Thereforem I decided to bring something from my mom’s purse.

It is so much important in our society. Lots of people had difficulties, when they have to sell some stuffs without money. They always barbared each other. Finally, some people come up with ideas. It was the amount of rice or grains. After that, it converted into coins. They used such as silver, gold, iron or alaminium to make coins. The thing is that, as they used coins, they need to classify(?) the value of coins. Thus,  they made 1,2,5,10…… lots of kinds of unit. As the value of coins increased, they started to use bills. Now, it’s became a important stuff to live. Thesedays, lots of credit cards and debit cards are used in pyblic places.