Reflection questions


1. Purpose of Socials: You know the notion of “Socials” exists, because it is so much essential to control what people do. What I mean is that, socials is the key to regulate all of the stuffs that is related to human being such as law, economies, international relation, politics or stuff like that. From ancient era, it helped people to do their work that has roled, and then it helped to be gathered, and make a country. As lots of people in the country, it helped to control them, and work out fine with deliberate devotion. That’s why socials makes all the diffeence even these days.


2. Political ideologies: There are lots of ideologies, such as communism, socialism, liberalism. It has own value and logical insists to keep qualified government. They pursue their value like fair, freedom, morality or stuff like that. However, as some of ideologies has deteriorated into pascism or nazism, it sometimes devastated people, and its value. But the point is that, initator and the people who follow it always tried to make better world, so they could happy with their life. Even though, it was not that successful such as communism in North Korea, it helps to keep on discovering and to develop.


3. Overpopulation: We should know how to get transition of population whether we can relize that it is overpopulation or not. We have learned the graph like this.

As we can observe the graph, we could notice that population increases in a GEOMETRIC pattern. On the other hand, the substances suchas car, food, water or stuff like that increases in the ARITHMETIC pattern. If the two line meet at the intersection, it means that there are not enough substances to support or care all the billion people in the Earth. It can be taken as an enormous issue, so we need to think of it more.



social assignment

  1. Socialism–> economic belief: What the people who are socialism am thinking is that, they pursue the equlity of people. What I am trying to say is that soicialism is the belief that government should control all the activities of economy such as trade, negotiation or stuff like that. This belief has emerged as the power of proletarian has increased.       –> political belief: The people who believe socialism have guessed that they could achieve their goal that they could make equal society. To put it on clearly, they guessed that they could make a government and wide economic system for most of the people.             –> social belief: The leader will try to make the fair government or country. They will in charge of everything of economy, and distributuion.
  2. communism–> economic belief: It is alsmost the same ideology as Socialism. They also pursue almost the same quality of their life. As a result, all the people get almost same amount of salary from the government, not from their workplae, but the thing is that as there are lots people try to get money without any work, it has been failed a lot, especially in the Soviets and North korea.                       –> political, social belief: It is almost also same as Socialism.





2. Liberalism–> It’s because it respects the right for each one people. Also, I have rights to do something that I want to try by myself.

I hate communism, cause it is just like boiling noodles with a mug. It just said that everyone should be fair, but as the amount which each people have worked are different, so it could cause lots of problem.