Week 2- PRE-Calculas 11

On this week, we have learned about geometric sequence and series. Geometric sequence could be defined as the arranged numbers that have constant common ratio. If you want to get t_n, you can use the formula. –> t_n = t_1  x  r^{n-1}

Geometric Series is sum of all the arranged number of geometric sequence. But the thing is that, there are two kinds of geometric series. They are ‘FINITE GEOMETRIC SERIES” and “INFINITE GEOMETRIC SERIES”. First of all, if you want to get series of finitie geometric series, you can use the formula.

–> s_n =  a ( r^n – 1) / (r-1)


If you want to get “INFINITE GEOMETRIC SERIES”, you should observe the common ratio first. If the common ratio is bigger than negative 1, and smaller than positive 1, it has a sum.

formula–> s_{infinite} = t_1 / (r-1)

If the common ratio is bigger than positive 1 or smaller than negative 1, it has no sum.



Thesedays, the issue of poverty is hot. The problem that we need to answer was do middle or upper class have the responsiblity to help. Well, my guess is, they don’t have responsiblity to help them. It is turn to whether they want to help poor people or not, but the thing is that if we pass poor or ignore them, it is not that good for them. It is just frustrating them. It’s their choice to help them. Even middle or upper class could not help them now, they could help poors later. What we need to keep in mind is that, we shouldn’t ignore or look down of them. In additioin, we should realize that helping others counts, but it could be overburdening to someone who gets some help. In conclusion, upper or middle class has no responsiblity to help them, and it’s turn to their choice. But the thing is, even though we don’t help them, we have no right to ignore or look down on them. To keep in mind that helping them could be overburdenig makes all the difference.


On the other hand, helping people who is suffering from poverty could be responsible. As we have seen the documentary, even though they want to get job and achieve their goals, they don’t have enough conditions to move it on. They have no proper conditions, because they have not good health status. As they live on the street, they couldn’t get enough sleep, they would be hot or cold, tor they would be hungry. Moreover, even they try to get some help, they need to wait for a long time. What it means that, even though they have visited somewhere to check their phsical health status, or to carry on a small talk, they need to line up and wait for a long time.So the thing is, even it is not that big help, we should help them to get their house first to live in. And then, they could lead their normal life like other people.




As I have seen the page that you have linked, around 5%( 4.7%) of POCO’s population have increased from 2011 to 2016. It means that around 0.78% population is increasing per every year. It is pretty slow, but my guess is, it is not a big deal to concern of overpopulation. Also, when I have seen the page about the population of British Columbia it has increased 5.6% during 6 years. It has also increased just as POCO. It is also not a big deal to refer overpopulation.

To determine, whether it is overpopulation or not, it is right to focus on population, but the thing is there are lots of more things we need to care. First of all, we need to care of the square dimension of the city. We can get density of population from the dimension of the city, and how many people are dwelling in the city. If it is too dense, it could be defined as overpopulation. Also, we should also consider about the substances, food, water. If these kinds of stuffs are not that plenty in the city, it could be also said as overpopulation.

Lots of people concern of overpopulation, because of the lack of resources. If there are no plenty sources to support them, then it could cause a big trouble in the Earth. To take an example, probably lots of people will fight fiercely every day to get their food, water, daily resources. Also, lots of people could fight for their gas, oils, vaccine or stuff like that….

As I just write above this article, overpopulation could be a big deal. But the thing is, Canada government should keep on let immigrants to come to Canada, because there are not that many people in Canada. What I am trying to say is that, If there were no generous policy for the immigrants, then Canada were not able to grow like this, well I might say………   Also, there are not many people living in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or stuff like that. As immigrants move to Canada, it will help to recover lack of population in underpopulated states or city. Moreover, it will help to develop Canada more.

There are some advantage of China’s one child policy. We know that there are 1.4 billion of people in China. As the overpopulation issue were severe, Chinese Government has enforced one child policy to make low increases of population. It was pretty successful. But the thing is, it has provoked another big problem. As lots of Chinese people didn’t give a birth, the population structure have destroyed.

{pyramid-shaped structure}       {bell-shaped  structure}         {bowl(jar)-shaped structure}

The Pyramid-shaped population structure means there are lots of babies. The pyramids shaped was the original population structure of China. Unfortunately, as “One Child Policy” enforced the structure has changed from Pyramid to “Bowl(Jar)-shaped”. It means there are not plenty of babies, but lots of elderly people. It could cause the rapid population decline. As a result, it was not a good policy actually.


As you can see the model, there are 5 stages. I’m not sure, but if I pick one of potential problem, we don’t know how the stage 5 will be. What it means that, that theory is just a theory, whoever don’t know how time will flow. To put it on clearly, especially in developed country, the population could grow rapidly by the Birth Promotion Policy, all the people could die because of the crash of asteroid or virus. Everyone could predict stage 5, but we don’t ever know, it’s going to be true or not.

On the other hand, there are some countries that is in progress of stage 5, such as Germany, Japan, South Korea.  As the [process of industrialization -> economic development -> modern country] has completed, population start to decrease slightly. All the countries on stage 4 have experienced enormous development, high education, high welfare, gender equality. As they realized all o these stuffs, they are trying to enjoy their individual life rather than having a baby. Also, they don’t want to give a birth especially in South Korea, since it costs lots of money, patient, and effort.














Reflection questions


1. Purpose of Socials: You know the notion of “Socials” exists, because it is so much essential to control what people do. What I mean is that, socials is the key to regulate all of the stuffs that is related to human being such as law, economies, international relation, politics or stuff like that. From ancient era, it helped people to do their work that has roled, and then it helped to be gathered, and make a country. As lots of people in the country, it helped to control them, and work out fine with deliberate devotion. That’s why socials makes all the diffeence even these days.


2. Political ideologies: There are lots of ideologies, such as communism, socialism, liberalism. It has own value and logical insists to keep qualified government. They pursue their value like fair, freedom, morality or stuff like that. However, as some of ideologies has deteriorated into pascism or nazism, it sometimes devastated people, and its value. But the point is that, initator and the people who follow it always tried to make better world, so they could happy with their life. Even though, it was not that successful such as communism in North Korea, it helps to keep on discovering and to develop.


3. Overpopulation: We should know how to get transition of population whether we can relize that it is overpopulation or not. We have learned the graph like this.

As we can observe the graph, we could notice that population increases in a GEOMETRIC pattern. On the other hand, the substances suchas car, food, water or stuff like that increases in the ARITHMETIC pattern. If the two line meet at the intersection, it means that there are not enough substances to support or care all the billion people in the Earth. It can be taken as an enormous issue, so we need to think of it more.



Week 1 – My Arithmetic Sequence

-9, -4, 1, 6, 11, 16, ———————–(keep going)

To find t_{50}  we should use the formula that has come from the idea of adding or subtracting constant common difference.

–> t_n = t_1 + d(n-1)

We know that t_1 = -9,    common difference= +5

—> t_{50}= -9 + 5(50-1) = -9 + 5 X 49 = 236


Then, we need to get the series from term 1 to term 50.

To find s_{50}, we should use the formula that has come up with idea of Carlous Gauss.

–> s_{50} = n/2 ( t_1 + t_{50} )

We know that  t_1  = -9,   t_{50} = 236,   n= 50

——–>  s_{50}  = 50/2 ( -9   +   236 ) =  25 X  227 = 5675

social assignment

  1. Socialism–> economic belief: What the people who are socialism am thinking is that, they pursue the equlity of people. What I am trying to say is that soicialism is the belief that government should control all the activities of economy such as trade, negotiation or stuff like that. This belief has emerged as the power of proletarian has increased.       –> political belief: The people who believe socialism have guessed that they could achieve their goal that they could make equal society. To put it on clearly, they guessed that they could make a government and wide economic system for most of the people.             –> social belief: The leader will try to make the fair government or country. They will in charge of everything of economy, and distributuion.
  2. communism–> economic belief: It is alsmost the same ideology as Socialism. They also pursue almost the same quality of their life. As a result, all the people get almost same amount of salary from the government, not from their workplae, but the thing is that as there are lots people try to get money without any work, it has been failed a lot, especially in the Soviets and North korea.                       –> political, social belief: It is almost also same as Socialism.





2. Liberalism–> It’s because it respects the right for each one people. Also, I have rights to do something that I want to try by myself.

I hate communism, cause it is just like boiling noodles with a mug. It just said that everyone should be fair, but as the amount which each people have worked are different, so it could cause lots of problem.



Week1 – Precalc 11

We have learned ‘sequence’ and ‘series’ on the first week of September. Sequence is a kind of collection of numbers that has arranged on a regular difference. The difference between Term 2 and Term 1 is called as ” common difference”. Common difference is also written as “d”. If you want to predict other terms, you should think of the pattern. Let’s think about the basic first. If you want to predict third term, you will have to add two times of ‘d’ with the first term. –> third term is equal to “d+d+the first term”. Then if you want to solve the thirtieth term, then you will make an equation like this –> the first term + 29d. Therefore if you want to predict nth term, then you can make an eqation: the first term + d(n-1).

YOON’S Electric House Project Question

  1. It means three light are connected in a series. Then if I unscrew one battery from the circuit, the left lightbulbs are going to be off, because three bulbs and the batteries were connected in a series. Also, if I connect the ammeters in the space that the lightbulb was located, the amphere s measured. It means that the electricity they are connected in a series, because electricity doesn’t flow when some part is ruined are broken.
  2. Even though, we unsrew the light bulb that was parallel with other light bulbs, the other left light bulbs are not going to be turned off.
  3. The light bulbs that are in parallel get weaker current than the series one, so series one is going to be more powerful than the paralle one.
  4. If we unscrew the light bulb from the parallel, we could say that the circuit is series. Therfore, it is going to be same.                                                                                                                                                                                  Self-Assessment-CC-District-document-Gee-1di4oq1-w9gzm9


I already noticed that we should reduce the usage amount of plastic, but now I feel that theseproblems are getting worse and worse, as its amount increase, they are going to be wasted in the land and in the sea more and more. And them, when we meet the limitation, then the wastes are going to be wasted in our habitants either. These impacts should be affected everyone, because it is an enormous deal to solve together. We should give our best shot to reduce the usage amount of plastic.

Green House Solution Fluency

Hi. I’m Yoon, and I am hired to renovate my home.

  1. DEFINING:I have tried lots of things to save energy. Therfore, I need to find some shortage that is the cause to splurge energy. Then, I have tried to figure out how can I solve this issue to reduce the amount of energy that we have been wasting.

2. DISCOVER: I found that the wall of house(outside and inside both of them) are way seriousely outworn. Thus, I thought how could I mend this wall, and how could I make this wall that could save energy.  Also, I noticed that there are no water pipe to get rid of water from the roof that has filed, so I aksed myself, how could I solve this problem, and how could I save energy from this.

3. DREAM: I can eliminate all the wall that have rotten, and then I will refill them with pebbles, mud, soil, cotton, and newspaper. I should put mixture of soil and pebbles between two old concrete walls. Then, I attached some cotton on the wall. And then, I attach cotton on it, and apply tons of soil on it. Then let them dry. Also, I can install 4 water pipe on each side of the roof. The thing is that, I will install turbin to get energy from the potential energy of the flow of water. As it rains a lot except summer it will provide lots of energy to use.

4. DELIEVER: After eliminating the concrete wall, I will apply mixture of soil and pebbels between two base walls. Then, I will attach some cotton on the wall. And then I will put tons of soil on the cotton to make it stronger and let them dry.

Moreover, i’m going to install 4 water pipes on each side of the roff that has 5 turbins in the pipe to make subtitutional energy. The flow of water makes it to roll, and as the turbin rolls, the generator will transfer the kinetic energy of turbin into electrics.

Lastly, I’m going to make 6 small hole on the ceiling that between first floor ans second floor to keep average temparature by air convection. Also, I.m going to install 3 big vent on the roof to keep cool temparature in the summer so that we don’t have to use air conditioner.