Pay it forward reflection(YOON)

First of all, I helped a person who was sitting alone in the library by having some conversation one another. As I looked him every day in the library, he looked way lonely and pity, so I have decided to help him. As he wass a first person to meet me, I have made some compliment about his passionate attitude, and his nice shoes. Then, I sat beside him and started to make a conversation with him about the stuff that he was studying. Moreover, I helped a person who has disability in the bus. Nobody knows that he was disability, because he acted like a drug addicted, but the thing is that he could not walk well. His eyesight was not that good, so I have conceded my seat to him, and I helped him to have a seat. Lastly, I helped homestay mother. From last month, she wanted to be a teacher, so she have planned to go to the education academy every day, so I have decided to help her by serving dinner to my homestay children, but the thing is that, I don’t know how to cook, and I had lack of knowlegege of cooking,. Therefore, I just decided to help them to eat dinner, and not to fight. As I helped others, I felt impressive, because this was a turning point to change my stereotype, and it taught me helping each other is essential to preserve qualified society.

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