Thank you MA’AM quick write

I have a memorary to steall something. I also dumbed my faults to mu sister. ^^

Anyway, at that time I was intrigued in some mechanical pencils and lots of cute stickers. I envy my friends, becausr they get allowance from their parents every week. Although I have some money, I don’t want to use my money, because I could not spend later, when I need to buy(get) something later. Thereforem I decided to bring something from my mom’s purse.

It is so much important in our society. Lots of people had difficulties, when they have to sell some stuffs without money. They always barbared each other. Finally, some people come up with ideas. It was the amount of rice or grains. After that, it converted into coins. They used such as silver, gold, iron or alaminium to make coins. The thing is that, as they used coins, they need to classify(?) the value of coins. Thus,  they made 1,2,5,10…… lots of kinds of unit. As the value of coins increased, they started to use bills. Now, it’s became a important stuff to live. Thesedays, lots of credit cards and debit cards are used in pyblic places.


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