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Can we get energy from all the things exists in the Earth and do they influence us?


I have researched about biofuels. Thesedays, there are lots of issue between biofuels and our lives, so I woder if there are some relations among them. Then, why do we use fuels? That’s because we can get energy by burning them. At this moment we should know what fuels are cosisted of. Mostly, fuel cosists of carbon(C) and hydrogen(H). Usually, the thing that consists of carbon and hydrogen appears to CnH2n, CnH2n+2, or CnH2n-2 or stuff like that.

In addition, coals and petroleum are also consists of carbon(C) and hydrogen(H). So the thing is that,  I wonder if we can produce with the thing that consists of carbon and hydrogen. To give you an idea of it, there are Ethanol, Methanol , Carbon dixocide, ether or stuff like that. But the thing is that, there are ethanol fuels and methanol fuels , yet there aren’t fuels made with carbon dixocide and ethere.

ethanol에 대한 이미지 결과methanol fuel에 대한 이미지 결과




As I  recognize the fact about it,  I found a wonderful news that coffee are used as motivation to activitate the transportation in U.K. Therfore I thought that all the plants that have spectacular component can be used in versatile ways, but unfortunately, it is related to the shortage of food. As you know, plants can lead their life by themeselves by photosynthesis. By the process of photosynthesis, they divert carbon dixoside and water into sugar and oxygen.(6CO2+6H2O—>C6H12O6+6O2) As you can see the results of photosynthesis are sugar and oxgen. Then they are usually left( or neglected?) to be fermented to make biofuel by microbe. After the process of fermenting, you can get Ethanol which is usually called as biofuel.


You may think it will be benefitial not to pollute the environment, but the thing is that it’s not true at all. As there are good points, therer are also poor points. This technology are usually used at the city that air pollution are way severe. Which means it is usually done in developing country such as Brazil, Mexico or stuff like that. The thing is they are suffering from shortage of food. They usually use corn, wheat, sugar cane or stuff like that which is their stocks and food. As you can expect, by splurgind stocks at making biofuels their shortage of food is coming to severe and severe.

carinata에 대한 이미지 결과



Fortunately, I found a wonderful news that the plants called Carinata is used as the biofuel for  Quanter airline biojet. The thing is, that is not food and it is widely located anywhere in Australia. So the thing is, if  I draw my conclusions one more time, my point is we should distinguish to get energy not from all the thing that exists in this world with proper standard, which means that it should not pollute the environment but also not to influence to the shortage of food. To keep creatures by the Sun explodes we have to plan lots of strategies to keep our lives and the Earth.







Part 2: My reflection

  1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic? —————————–The thing is that my topic was “Can we get energy from any other materials?”. Then I wonder that if it influences to us, and if so, I wonder whether it affects pollution or not.
  2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through the project? —————-  As you know, I’m an international students. In my hometown, South Korea, ther weren’t many chances to utilize digital devices because we always believe test important. All the thinga that I used such as computer and phone was new tools to use.
  3. To investigate about my project, I knew that I was poor at background, so I read some chemical books.
  4. By looking for books and catalougue in the library, I checked one more time.
  5. It was so much hard to do topic selection and research, because I have no exprience or idea to do it ,at first.

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