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September Lab Reflection

Safety Cheat Sheet

What it means to be human..

Humans need to be able to communicate

Humans need to interact with each others

Humans look for happiness

Humans want to express their feelings

Humans like to help others in need

Humans like to communicate in order to share and gain knowledge

Humans needs others to support

Humans are violent and mean and even greedy

Humans hurt other population because humans are racists, discriminatory

Humans are vengeful

Humans are sympatheic and we can share and we can help others

Humans are oblivious when it is not happening to us

Humans can be united by the simplest of things such as dancing

Humans can find joy

The novel Wonder is one of my favourite books because it taught me that despite the way we look, we are not much different from each other on the inside. This book is about a boy named ‘Auggie Pullman’. He has a rare medical facial deformity and he is going to a middle for the first time in his life and the book goes through his life and how he lived through middle school with people always staring at him and also being bullied. He also made a good friend named ‘Jack’ that showed him that he is not alone and made him forget about the way he looked and through friendship and conflicts, Auggie gained a lot of confidence that made him into a courageous young boy he is now. 

Final Project (Experiment)

Classifying Chemical Reactions

Cornell Notes (4.1 Chemical Bonding & Atomic Theory)

Angel Food Cake

Cream Puffs

Almond Cookies

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