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Definitely, maybe.

Should sports teams be allowed to use First Nations’ logo or mascots? To what extent would it become offensive? Formally, the hockey team ‘Blackhawks’, originally got their name and logo from the owner Frederic McLaughlin. He was he commander with the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion during the World War II. The division was nicknamed “Blackhawk Division” after the Chief Blackhawk who was a prominent figure in the history of Illinois.

The head of the Assembly of First Nations’ Chief of Quebec, Ghislain Picard, strained that he would support the change of the Blackhawk team’s logo. He says that the Blackhawks’ team logo is just as offensive as the logo of the NFL team Washington Redskins, even if it has not gotten as much attention. Pichard said changing the logo is a question of respect: “If there’s consideration for what we think and what we would like to see, then sure,” (Pichard, 2015)

From doing research, and looking at the view of the First Nations’ people, it is not okay to stereotype them and their culture and then use them as a brand and brandishing them just for money especially without their consent. Just because the First Nations’ people are considered a minority, that does not mean that we should be derogatory towards them as they are trying to live a normal life like everyone else, and we aren’t doing anything to help them but rather just putting them down. No matter how much history or background there is to the logo either good or bad, but if the First Nations’ people are against it, the logo should have been replaced with another or just demolished. However, to this day, it is still an on-going controversy that hasn’t been settled. They want it to be replaced but their voice isn’t being heard. That goes to show how transparent the First Nations’ people are in our society that we ignore their cries. So, no we should not use First Nations’ as logos and mascots no matter the reasoning. Those are just excuses. In contrast, some First Nations’ people felt that there are other issues that they are dealing with that are not getting support with rather than to worry about a measly logo. In conclusion, the sports team logos that has anything related to First Nations culture on it is not a tribute to them but however, just exploitation as they have no rights whatsoever to use their culture just for the sakes of brandishing to earn some bucks. The First Nations people and their culture, should be treated with the utmost respect just like how one should respect every other cultural background in this universe. If you don’t like it when someone disregards you, then why is it okay for you to do the same back?


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News, CBC. “Chicago Blackhawks logo of actual black hawk gets support of First Nations chief.” CBCnews, CBC/Radio Canada, 5 Nov. 2015,


Narrative Essay Corrections

I believe that I did well in being desriptive and showing instead of telling. However, I really need to improve on making better and stronger structured sentences and being fluent with them.


‘Dead Poet’s Society’ Reflection and Connection

Both the play and the quote from Macbeth are both relating to life. Life is short, and you have a choice on how you choose to live it. But, the quote “Tomorrow”  from Macbeth, he says that there is no meaning to life. After he lost Lady Macbeth, he lost himself. ‘Carpe Diem’ means seize the day. They use that a lot in the Dead Poet’s Society movie as the moral of the movie is for us to follow our dreams and even if we fail, so be it because at least we tried as we’re only young once. We should take every opportunity that is given to us and to take it as an advantage. Do what makes you happy. The movie also taught me to stand up for what is right and to what I believe in.  In the beginning, I had no idea what the movie was going to be about but after watching the whole thing intently, it was actually a very good movie and I really enjoyed both the story line and the actors. This movie taught me the power of the English language and through our writing, it can say a lot about a person.

Weir, Peter, director. Dead Poet’s Society. Touchstone, 2006.

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Persuasive Essay (Corrections)

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I would improve on planning my essay outline making my arguments stronger and more consistent also and support my thesis better.I would say that my essay is well organized with complete sentences and easy to decipher.


The Great War Memory Project

What does this artifact tell us about the First World War?

The gas mask that were being used during the First World War showed how atrocious the war was especially with the extremity use of chemical gas that was intended to kill many. No one had ever expected the use of poison gas during the warfare but the Germans was first to introduce the usage of the chemical gas during the war. Thereon, the gas mask was then created to provide protection and prevent harm on oneself; however to a certain limit. Throughout the years, with new technology and such, the gas mask has been heavily improved and is still being used to this day.


October Lab Reflection

Mythbusters: Caffeine

In 1928, there was a study conducted to prove that caffeine had a diuretic effect, increased production of urine. As years go by, and more devised studies are formed, new evidence is found to show otherwise.

In the article on, it says that researchers conducted multiple tests to try and figure out if caffeine consumption does cause dehydration. 50 men were chosen randomly to either drink 4 cups of black coffee, or an equal amount of water for 3 days; after a 10 day “wash out” period, they switched. Researchers measured and analyzed their data from the men’s body mass, total body water, and blood and urine tests, yet after the trial, there was no significant difference of dehydration. The study concluded that when moderately drinking coffee, 4 cups a day, doesn’t show to influence one’s hydration levels.

The article written on states that although caffeine is mild diuretic, it doesn’t have a large impact on dehydrating the body. When drinking a moderate amount caffeinated drinks, it may cause a need to urinate, but that’s the same when drinking any other liquids. Although, caffeinated drinks can cause urination, it does not necessary cause dehydration. Only if a person consumes a large amount of such liquids then it could indeed cause dehydration.


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