Synthesis Essay (Eng 12 2018)

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

STI Project

Math Scavenger Hunt

Irene, Yinling

‘Dead Poet’s Society’ Reflection and Connection

Both the play and the quote from Macbeth are both relating to life. Life is short, and you have a choice on how you choose to live it. But, the quote “Tomorrow”  from Macbeth, he says that there… Read More

October Lab Reflection

Mythbusters: Caffeine

In 1928, there was a study conducted to prove that caffeine had a diuretic effect, increased production of urine. As years go by, and more devised studies are formed, new evidence is found to show otherwise. In the… Read More

Freedom 18 Reflection

Freedom 18 Response By: Yinling Chan When you want to buy something you really want, but it turns out that you do not have the money for it. That is why budgeting and having a budget is important…. Read More

Harper Lee

By: Eunee Cho and Yinling Chan

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