Experimental Design – Enzymes vs. Temperature

By: Keisha N, Yinling C Purpose: To determine the effects of temperature on the reaction rate of the enzymes reactions Hypothesis: The high temperature will cause a higher reaction rate causing more glucose to appear. When heated above 45… Read More

Diffusion Lab

What determines the efficiency of diffusion throughout the model ‘cells’? Hypothesis: The smaller the surface area and volume, the higher the rate of diffusion will occur. In terms of maximizing diffusion, what was the most effective size cube… Read More

Protein Synthesis

How is mRNA different from than DNA? Both DNA and mRNA are polynucletides however, they have three distinct difference to one another. – Unlike DNA, which is double stranded, long and is shaped in a helix. Whereas mRNA… Read More

Blog Post 1: DNA, Replication

DNA REPLICATION Explain the structure of DNA – Use the terms nucleotides,  Anti-parallel strands and complimentary base paring. DNA (Deoxyribosenucleic acid) is a large polymer that consists 4 nucleotides, each of them made up of a phosphate group,… Read More

‘Identities’. Was it justified?

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