Quehaceres (Oral 5.2)

6 Kingdoms (Biology 11)

Iron Chef Reflection

Opinion Piece Corrections

  Definitely, maybe. Should sports teams be allowed to use First Nations’ logo or mascots? To what extent would it become offensive? Formally, the hockey team ‘Blackhawks’, originally got their name and logo from the owner Frederic McLaughlin…. Read More

Narrative Essay Corrections

I believe that I did well in being desriptive and showing instead of telling. However, I really need to improve on making better and stronger structured sentences and being fluent with them.  

Persuasive Essay (Corrections)

I would improve on planning my essay outline making my arguments stronger and more consistent also and support my thesis better.I would say that my essay is well organized with complete sentences and easy to decipher.  

The Great War Memory Project

What does this artifact tell us about the First World War? The gas mask that were being used during the First World War showed how atrocious the war was especially with the extremity use of chemical gas that was… Read More

Mythbusters: Caffeine

In 1928, there was a study conducted to prove that caffeine had a diuretic effect, increased production of urine. As years go by, and more devised studies are formed, new evidence is found to show otherwise. In the… Read More


September Lab Reflection

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