Inquiry Project

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This Is What’s Wrong With Our Generation

This Is What’s Wrong With Our Generation By always being preoccupied with our phones, we are in our own little worlds blocking out the outside world and missing out on a lot of things. Listening to Simek’s words,… Read More

House Hunters

Credit Card Comparison

Spoken Word

Immigration Journal Reflection

Reflection: I really enjoyed this doing project as I like projects like this. Although, I would say that I could have improved a lot more by actually being more consistent in my story line, research a bit more into… Read More

30 for 30 Broke

30 for 30 Broke By: Yinling Chan Throughout the years, many pro athletes are going broke, and many of them end up filing for bankruptcy. Since the 1990’s to present time, the salaries for these athletes have changed… Read More

Happiness Poem

Yinling’s Future Lifestyle Poster

The Metaphor Essay – Miss Hancock & Charlotte’s Mother

The Metaphor Essay

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