Mythbusters: Caffeine

In 1928, there was a study conducted to prove that caffeine had a diuretic effect, increased production of urine. As years go by, and more devised studies are formed, new evidence is found to show otherwise.

In the article on, it says that researchers conducted multiple tests to try and figure out if caffeine consumption does cause dehydration. 50 men were chosen randomly to either drink 4 cups of black coffee, or an equal amount of water for 3 days; after a 10 day “wash out” period, they switched. Researchers measured and analyzed their data from the men’s body mass, total body water, and blood and urine tests, yet after the trial, there was no significant difference of dehydration. The study concluded that when moderately drinking coffee, 4 cups a day, doesn’t show to influence one’s hydration levels.

The article written on states that although caffeine is mild diuretic, it doesn’t have a large impact on dehydrating the body. When drinking a moderate amount caffeinated drinks, it may cause a need to urinate, but that’s the same when drinking any other liquids. Although, caffeinated drinks can cause urination, it does not necessary cause dehydration. Only if a person consumes a large amount of such liquids then it could indeed cause dehydration.

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