To wear or not to wear?

To wear or not to wear?

Persuasive Paragraph

Yinling Chan
English 10 BLK B

Sam the man wears a skirt!?! Sam the athlete by Stuart McLean is a story about a boy named Sam whom wanted to find his athletic abilities and he thinks that buying new running shoes would boost his sport skills, but soon then realizes that that would not help him. One day in school, he finds a poster for field hockey and signs up for it. On his first day of practice, his coach addresses him as Samantha and was curious as to why the coach called him by a female name but after practice ended, he looked around and sees that he was the only guy on the field playing. He then has to wear a skirt in order to ‘fit in’ as he doesn’t want to be caught pretending to be a girl. But as time passed, he feels that the skirt gives him confidence in what he’s doing. My opinions is that if Sam feels that the skirts gives him a sense of confidence why not let him wear it? Sam should have his own rights to do whatever he pleases if it makes him feel good. He does not have to live up to other people’s standards just to please others. He is his own person.

However, at the same time, I don’t feel the need for Sam to wear the skirt as it’s not about what you wear or who you are to be good at something. You will be good if you keep trying, focus and learn from your own mistakes. He might also be taken wrongly as there’s a stereotype that says “Only girls wear skirts.”

Although, I don’t think that Sam should wear a skirt as he should feel comfortable in his own shell and his own ways and it shouldn’t be something that represents him.

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