Every day acid lab

1: Purpose

find the ph of [acid]

2: procedure

STEP one: weight the mass of the candy we used( tartaric acid)

STEP two: mash to make powder

STEP three: Get the water we need to use to dissolve our acid(50ml)

STEP four: dissolve our acid into our water

STEP five: get things ready for the titration

STEP six: titrate 10ml of our sample at a time(three times)



1):acid(tratric acid)

2): Grinding bowl

3):things for titration(burettea, Erlenmeyer, titrant)

4: Data & calculation



pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. Solutions with a high concentration of hydrogen ions have a low pH and solutions with a low concentrations of H+ ions have a high pH.

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