Foods 12 February Lab Reflection

First of all, the reason why I choose sunflower crepe for reflection is that I think it is the most successful food in our group, and it also is my favorite food, because there is cheese in this food. The reason why I like sunflower crepe is that I did a lot of things in this lab. I made pancakes and cut all the food that needed to be cut, which made me very happy. I felt this was a simple lab that I would do, and the final result was also very delicious. In addition, the final product of our group is perfect in my opinion, because it is not cracked due to baking, and its shape is as beautiful as the name. However, the only drawback was that I had not carefully read the recipe when making the crepe. This caused me to set the machine to the highest temperature, so that the butter was too hot, and the crepes became a bit bad. If given another chance to me, I will read the instructions carefully and then follow the steps to do the lab, so that the ingredients will not be affected and eat more perfect sunflower pancakes. Furthermore, I think our group is very united, we are very happy division of work, and then taste together. For example, when I cut Onions and bacon, my team members would remind me to be careful. When I was not perfect in making pancakes, my team members would encourage me to continue my efforts, which made me very happy. Therefore, I really enjoy the present grade 12 food class, and I will continue to try my best to make better food.

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