Foods 12

Foods 12 Food Waste Plan

There is actually a lot of waste in our lives. I often see people throwing clean food into the garbage bins at school; or people order too much food in the restaurant and waste most of them. According to the survey, millions of people are starving to death every year, and many farmers are working so hard to grow crops and harvest crops in the fields. I remembered that my grandfather told me before that when they were young, they often ate some bark and wild vegetables to eat hunger. If anyone’s whole grain can fill their stomachs, then they are very lucky. At that time, Grandpa‚Äôs greatest wish was to be able to eat enough in the future to eat a bowl of white rice.Therefore, I thought about a way to use our own abilities. Firstly, the food that students bring every day to school needs to be loaded by themselves, and then checked by parents to see if it is appropriate, which can effectively reduce waste. Then, for the people who eat at the restaurant, they need to pack all the rest of the food to home or the restaurant staff can give the food to the hungry cockroaches or stray animals in need. Furthermore, we can also post some advertising slogans or shocking news at the school or restaurant. In addition, whenever we waste food, we should consider hungry children in poor areas. Thus, saving is a virtue, saving is quality, saving is more responsibility, let us consciously save food, let food become our habit, and can maintain such good habits.

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