Foods 12

Safety First – A Visual Guide


1. Fire blanket.
Keep a fire blanket in your kitchen. If the ladle or circuit board is on fire, if it’s not too big, cover the blanket in time to keep the oxygen out of the fire.

2. Open Windows for ventilation
Once the gas leak, then must not have open fire, and close the valve, open the window ventilation, let the gas leak away, so it is not easy to have a fire.


1.Rinse with cold water
To reduce the temperature of burn wound, immediately rinse with cool water for half an hour or so.

2. In serious condition, call 911


1. Don’t use chemicals around food
To prevent food poisoning, liquids should not be dropped into food when chemicals are used.

2. Power supplies
Wipe the power supply items to ensure that the power off, in order to prevent electricity

Slip/trip/fall (how to prevent it)
1. Non-slip sign
Set anti-skid signs on the floor to prevent people passing by from falling

2.Be careful of objects on the ground
In the kitchen, remove boxes or objects from the ground that may affect your path.

Cuts (i.e. how to prevent/treat them)
1. Wash the wound with warm, soapy water.
Turn on the faucet, rinse the wound with warm water and a little mild soap to clean the wound. Rub the soap gently around the wound and wash it off with warm water.

2. Stop the bleeding.
Has it been bleeding since I washed the wound? Take a piece of sterile gauze and apply it to the wound. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gauze can be removed. You can also cover the wound with gauze or other wooden and sterilized cloth.

Heavy Lifting (i.e. of a bag of flour) 

1.Hold a weight
When lifting heavy objects, separate your feet and lift them from the bottom to prevent falls

2. Weight quantity
One should not carry too much weight to prevent injury.

How to prevent food poisoning
1. Food should be thoroughly cleaned before consumption
Fruits and vegetables in the growth process will not only be infected with bacteria, viruses, parasitic worm eggs, as well as residual pesticides, pesticides, if not clean, not only may be infected with disease, but also may cause pesticide poisoning. Heat food thoroughly. If bean and soya-bean milk, do not heat thoroughly can cause toxic.

2. Try not to eat leftovers
If desired, heat thoroughly. Leftovers, leftover desserts, milk, etc., are good culture media for bacteria, and incomplete heating can cause bacterial food poisoning.

Waste Management

1. The orange peel
They can give people benefits of preventing ants and mosquitoes to enter home
2. The root vegetables
They can grow fresh vegetables again


Personal hygiene
1. Wash your hands often
Thoroughly clean your hands before washing or eating to avoid germs

2. Keep the floor clean
After cooking dinner, the floor should be cleaned to ensure there is no bacterial growth

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