English 11

Walter Mitty Daydream Six

The secret life of Walter Mitty is an interesting short story that written by a famous writer named James Thurber. In this article, expressionism and realism are well used. Expressionism is an artist’s emphasis on expressing inner feelings through his works, while ignoring the description of the form of the object. The realism is seeking to reproduce of what the effect of actuality, real life people and situation. For example, the fourth dream and the reality were both related to wars, the difference was that in the reality, he waited for his wife in the hotel lobby and he saw the picture with German bombers, in the dream, he imagined himself as a brave Air Force Colonel, and his wife interrupted its daydream, and ridiculed him nonsense to give him the amount of temperature.

Then his wife came out of the grocery store and saw Mitty leaning against the corner of the wall smoking one last puff of smoke, and a proud smile on his lips. She gave him a disdainful look and asked him, “what are you smiling about?” Mitty suddenly reverted to his expressionless state and said, “nothing. Get in the car and we’ll go home. “Mitty drove carefully on his way home, and then they happened to see a brand-new stadium near their home, where a national basketball team was playing a fierce game. Mitty stopped at a traffic light…

The commentator was explaining excitedly: “Oh, look! Mitty quickened his pace, he first turned left and then turned right, ran through two layers of defense and came to the basket. A tiger jumped, turned around and shot, and the basketball drew a beautiful curve in the air, and fell into the basket. The ball went into the basket! “Suddenly, a tall and fierce man grabbed the ball in Mitty’s hand and was trying to shoot but was blocked by a couple of players with mitty. Then he raised the ball with both hands and jumped into the air, only to see the basketball fly steadily toward the basket. Everyone held their breath and stared at the basketball. The ball went right through the arc into the basket. He ran with the ball, fast and slow, sometimes holding the ball, dribbling the ball, and one of them threw it away and went straight to the basket. To the basket but did not rush to shoot, just low-down body, the basketball guard on the chest, a light throw, and then finally scored…

(This is the photo that I took in the middle school in China.)

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