English 11

The Butterfly Effect in “The Sound of Thunder”

Eckels went to TIME SAFARI, INC which is a company could take people went back to the past, and then he spent a lot of money, choosing to go back before 1400s and kill a dying dinosaur. A team went into a time machine back to the past, under Travis’s guidance, they were waiting for the dinosaurs on a specially built road. When the dinosaurs came, Eckels ran out of the road without listening to Travis because he was too scared. When they came back to the company, they found surprised that they had brought back the beautiful butterfly, which led to changes in the words and language of their modern life. Most importantly, because of a butterfly, it affected the overall election.This is only because the butterflies that have lived in the past have come to modern life, bringing a ripple effect. This butterfly effect often changes many things, and in fiction, because straying into the land of the past causes Eckels to change history and make modern life dramatically different.

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