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ss 11 Population Pyramids

2.Find the dependency ratio, is it high or low?

I think China’s dependency ratio is low in 2017.


3.Describe the situation in the country based on the info in your population pyramid (births, deaths, health, age, male/female, type of pyramid, stage in DTM etc.)

China’s birth rate than death rate is high, and can be clearly seen from the population pyramid, 0 to 60 years old of men more than women, more than 65 women over large populations. The pyramid type belongs to the head of the middle width, the narrow.


4.Explain what the country needs to prepare for in the near future and why you think that. (health, population, business, policies, etc. Connect this to your observations)

Because the population of China is growing, so China needs to increase the business aspects of planning, need to increase jobs, health care also needs to strengthen the personnel and equipment, but I also think that should be effective to control population growth, the effective implementation of the one-child policy, reduce the pressure.

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