Socials 11

Social two questions

  1. Explain how Canada currently attempts to create a fair and democratic election system.
  2. There are three main administrative divisions in Canada: the federal government, the provincial government, and the municipal government. Each level has its own rights, financial sources and responsibilities. Canada before policy exists in parties, if which party support get one vote in federal elections, the party will receive government every year the funding of $2, if the conservatives got 10 million votes, the party will get the funding of $20 million a year, so as to ensure the survival of the party, also ensure the fairness, because there will be no sponsorship of shady or to corruption. I think these are the reasons why Canada’s electoral system is fair and democratic.


2.Explain where our current system falls short (at least 3 problems). Then explain a solution for fixing it.

A. there are too many parties in Canada, which can lead to chaos.

B. Canada has too many conservatives and many policies are not very democratic.

C. If a Canadian listens to a party or a public opinion, he or she may vote for a governor or someone else, possibly or cause bribery.

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