English 10

English 10 Life is about experience (Caroline)

Life is about experience

My favorite city Beijing-the capital of China

I’m from China and I born in Shan Dong, but I left in Beijing for about 14 years. I have been living in this metropolis since kindergarten. I have witnessed its growth and it has accompanied me to grow up.

Beijing has many ancient buildings and cultures. Many emperors chose Beijing as the capital, so Beijing is a city with a long history. I have been to many places of historical interest and artistic performance in Beijing, but what impressed me most was the temple fair. Although its name is strange, it carries the culture of China for thousands of years and shows many great people. The temple fair is a Chinese custom, usually held during the lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival. Its formation and development are related to the religious activities of temples, which are held on festivals or prescribed dates in temples, which are popular in large parts of the country. The temple fair is an ancient traditional folk culture activity, the most popular Spring Festival characteristics. The temple fair is also a traditional folk activity widely spread by Chinese people, and its emergence, existence and evolution are closely related to people’s life. After the Spring Festival, our family usually drove to go to the temple fair and it usually held in a place which named Di Tan, Di Tan is a place with a long history, all the buildings are artificial and it takes hundreds of years, if you see that place, your first impression is that it’s spectacular and magnificent. In ancient times, temple fairs sold things for the Spring Festival, such as couplets, blessings, lanterns and many candies or nuts. On the day of the Spring Festival, the streets will be very busy, everyone was talking and laughing and the whole family usually went out to buy things, it was very happiness. In modern times, temple fairs produce some changes. People usually go to the temple to visit or play. The time of the temple fair is also changed after the Spring Festival. One of my favorite things to do is to go to the temple to eat snacks and all kinds of different snacks can make you eat all day. In this fragrant street, I can accurately distinguish the aroma of all kinds of food, because every year I eat those same delicious food, however I am not tired of it. I can smelt the spicy rice cakes and roasting from a few meters away. Raw rice cakes are hard to touch. They usually stay in the refrigerator. The cooked rice cakes are soft and it always stick to their hands. The rice cake tastes soft, with a little sweetness and it is very spicy after cooked. I would drink a large glass of water after each meal. The roasting of the temple fair is different from the ordinary, it is more unique and better than usual, I think it’s probably because people are standing there eating together and it’s just like a family, thus I’m very excited to eat every time. In ancient times, there were always some acrobats in the temple fair, and they won the laughter of the audience by some special skill, so that everyone would give them money. I have seen on some TV shows, some people with their pets to show, some stand let the dog walking, some let little monkey climbed up the audience get to eat, they are very interesting, but now the best part of the temple fair that I think was to see a show about sacrifice. Often before the blessing, they will beat the drum to celebrate the Spring Festival and there will be many drums in the center of the temple fair “rub-a-dub”. Everyone can join it and after this performance, there will be a series of incense burning activities, people can pray for their families to be safe and healthy, what’s more it also could pray for anything they want.

Anyway, the temple fair is a wonderful, interesting and happy place, everyone who came here could all get happiness, I love Beijing where is the capital of China, I love the temple fair in China.

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