16 Personalities–Mediator

I am a Mediator. I’m idealistic, poetic, and creative. I value harmony, and dislike competitions. Knowing my personalities would inspire me to fully use my strengths, develop careers I would do well in, and improve my weaknesses, in order to have a wholesome personality and be more adapt to this society. Knowing others’ traits would help us to get alone with each other, and how to work efficiently and productively as a group. These tests are flawed becuase our personalities keep changing as we get influenced by our environment and experiences; having a specific personality type as results now doesn’t mean that we’re always going to be exactly the same in the future.

Climate Change Solution Images

URL: https://www.climatevisuals.org/images?f%5B0%5D=theme%3ASolutions&id=1197
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date:not found

Description: There’re two people in the image that trying to recycle a big pile of shoes by collecting them and selling them to the industries who would like to source the materials of shoes and then process them into raw materials that they then sell.

Assessment from me: I think it’s pretty effective a way to reduce our waste shoes. We just did a project called “precycling” for the last few weeks, and I learned that it’s necessary to recycle clothes and everything else that’s recyclable after using them for once because the landfill is too few for us to put all our garbages there.
Comparing with Canada where export most of the recyclable waste to other countries, people in Bangladesh should feel lucky to have some industries who want to recycle the produces for them.

URL: https://www.climatevisuals.org/images?f%5B0%5D=theme%3ASolutions&id=1080
Location:peru, Cusco
Date: 2014
Description: People are building with “low CO2 bricks” in Peru. It’s a method to reduce the emissions of CO2 by using electrically powered ventilation. They store bricks for some days before loading them into the kiln.

Assessment: I don’t think it would help to reduce the emissions of CO2 a lot because it’s not a very scientific method that’s been proved by experts. They seem to use physical method only so it’s not very persuasive to me.