Post-Secondary Event-Reflection

The 3 institutions that interested me the most were University of British Columbia (UBC), because The University of British Columbia is famous for its medical science, a major that has a global reputation and I believe that I can learn more useful and skillful knowledge here. Simon Fraser University (SFU) has all courses that are open to international students and the requirements of each subject are within my reach. Also the location of university allows me to attend classes without changing my home-stay family, namely it is unnecessary for me to face the problem of having to change my home.  Lastly, the University of Toronto, the major reason is this school is very famous, and also has a very high ranking in the world. If I were forced to have to choose a post-secondary school today, I would choose the University of British Columbia. The main point that attracted me is the reputation of it’s medical curriculum, even though it’s extremely difficult and is not international student friendly in terms of  application approval. (besides the basic requirement, international students also need to supply the score of IELTS or TOEFL test) The program that I would like to learn is biomedical because the employment rate of this major is extremely high, and UBC can offer a PhD for this major. In addition, becoming a professor in university is my childhood dream. Before I finish high school, the most intuitive advantage of seeing so many choices is to help me choose a post-secondary school that suits me best by constantly comparing the pros and cons of each choice. My favourite part about seeing these different post-secondary options is to keep me thinking about what I need because I know this choice is important for my future life. Constantly comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different universities and thinking about what courses I really need will, undoubtedly, translate into my later-life  academic success.

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