Pay it forward

On Saturday, I took on the sky train to meet my sister, there was not much seat, and there were many people. I didn’t want to  stand, so I sat. But there was an old man. He looked so tired and hard to stand. I thought ‘ I have to yield my seat.’ So I yielded my seat for an old man. He said ‘Thank you.’  I was proud of myself. Also on Sunday, I went to the church. I always eat lunch at the church with people and friends. The middle  aged women always cook for us. So we decided cook ourselves. We made eggs and sausages. To cook is hard for me, but they ate happily. I thought that I want to make a delicious foods for them next time. And at school, someone accidentally knocked down the trash can. So I helped her. After returning the trash can back to its original state, she said ” Thank you.” So I was proud of myself. When I volunteered for someone I was tired, but after that I saw their expression they looked happy . So I thought I wanted to do the volunteer again.


An Act of Kindness

When I was walking alone in the hallway, I met Mason who is taking Math 1o  together and tall person. We were not close , we didn’t know about each other and I was thinking that he doesn’t like me, because I am Asian, so  I ignored him. But Mason said ” Hello, Malcom” with smile. I surprised about that, but I said “Hi, Mason” with smile too. I was ashamed of myself. But I was thankful.  After greet each other I was happy all the day.  I can’t forget about that.  When we meet in the hallway, we still say “hi” together. And I’m thinking he is so kind person.