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What Are Transgenic Animals and Plants

Transgenic animals are animals, mainly mice, who are genetically modified for biomedical research. They are important because they’re used to understand and research disease susceptibility, progression and responses to therapeutic intervention.Transgenic plants are plants that have been genetically modified to look a certain way, grow in a certain place, and many more possibilities

Great Advancements

During the 1980’s, a scientist named Capecchi figured out a way to change or remove any single gene in the mouse genome. Transgenic animal technology is a fast-growing area in biotechnology because of its use and importance. Being able to dictate how the offspring of a mouse, or a plant will turn out is one of the greatest advancements because they can be used to research and study diseases, viruses, preclinical drugs and much more. Scientists use mice who have been engineered to be susceptible to human viruses, this is significant because it can be used for testing human vaccines. Transgenic animals could also be used for human therapy. By researching and obtaining safe pharmaceutical products that can be sold to people for a wide variety of uses. 

How It’s Used Best

This form of technology is best used on crops. scientists are  genetically modifying to make crops grow bigger, more productive, tastier and more visually appealing for us.Crops can now be designed to grow in areas that they don’t typically grow in, live through droughts, be immune to diseases, not attract pests and do much more.

​How Are Transgenic Animals and Plants Changing The World

Transgenic animals are changing the world in many ways. They are being used to help find cures to diseases and viruses. Moreover,   They are used in pre clinical drug testing to help find the safest, yet most effective product.This technology is also used in the agricultural front and it ensures we are getting food that hasn’t had pests and diseases all over them.


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