lyric poem

Peach and plum blossoms
Young peach and plum blossoms,
Dazzling and radiant.
They were as joyful as nice spring times,
And lithe as branches bent under the autumn frast.
Roving glances led to beautiful seductions,
Speech and laughter were filled with fragrance.
Partners clasping each other would welcome love,
Together under the covers and blankets.
They were as two bird in flight,
Their paired wings soaring,Using cinnabar ink they write voms.

a poem for remembrance day


A poem for remembrance day
Why they give me poppies? Because the poppies are the flowers of love.
For the soldiers who marched away.
Why they choose red poppies?
Because red is the blood of soldiers
For the blood that our soldiers shed.
Why the poppies hearts are black?
Because it is the symbol of sadness.
For the soldiers who sacrifice