The monkey’s paw paragraph response

The monkey’s paw is magic, it can make people’s wishes come true, but in an unexpected way. The first man had his three wishes, they didn’t know what the first two were, but the third was for death. So he died. Mrs White wanted 200 pounds for a wish, suddenly, her son died, so she got the compensation, that was 200 pounds. Mrs White wanted Hebert to come back, but his husband didn’t want him to come to life, his wish came true. From the story, we can know, if any one wants to get any thing, he must make efforts. Magic is different in everyone’s opinion

Rules of the Game – Paragraph

   It was a strategy for winning arguments when the writer was six years old. respect from others, and eventually, though neither of us knew it at the time.  Vincent got a chess set from the Christmas Party, he except it was obviously used and, as they discovered later, it was missing a black pawn and a white knight , Vincent explained the rules ,the writer attended more tournaments, each one farther away from home. The writer won all games, in all divisions.   By the writer’s ninth birthday, he was a national chess champion. The writer still remember In his head, he saw a chessboard with sixty-four black and white squares. Opposite me was my opponent, two angry black slits. She wore a triumphant smile.