Math 10 – Week 1

LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) & GCF (Greatest Common Factor) 

This week we reviewed about multiples, prime factorization and other things and in the process we learned about LCM & GCF.  So to get the GCF of a number we need to divide 2 numbers down to their lowest form and take all the prime numbers (numbers that can’t be divided any further ie: 1,2,3,5,7) of those numbers and find some similarities. While for LCF (Lowest Common Multiple) you are trying to find the first number where 2 different numbers meet up, to do that you multiply all the prime numbers left over to find the LCM

Math 10 – Week 2

Negative Exponents

This week one of the things we learned about were negative exponents or also known as integral exponents, which you still have positive exponents but this time we learned about the rules when we come across negative exponents. We learned that negative exponents when calculated are just fractions in disguise. So when the exponent is negative you want to make it positive, and the way you do that is by putting the variable or number that has a negative exponent attached to it on the opposite side of the fraction, to make it “happy”

Science 10 – Inquiry Project

How does quantum physics help us understand space?

Before we dive into answering the end all be all question of how quantum physics helps us understand space, we need to understand what it is, who helped discover it and what are some differences between classical physics and quantum physics to be able to understand how it helps us understand space better.

What is Quantum physics/mechanics?

Quantum physics is a part of physics that explains things that aren’t normally explainable with classical physics on a smaller scale hence the “quantum” in the name. With many atoms on a smaller scale they react differently on said scale rather than if they were the size of everyday objects where we would be able to apply the equations of classical physics to. Due to physics being different the smaller things get things like dual particles which are particles that exist in 2 areas at the same time have an effect on the surrounding area. There is phenomenon which was created due to this which is known as “Quantum Superposition” which relates to the position speed and colour of some particles. Particles of light: “light can sometimes behave as a particle. Light behaves similarly to ripples on a lake in that it bounces off walls and bends around corners, and that the crests and troughs of the wave can add up or cancel out. Added wave crests result in brighter light, while waves that cancel out produce darkness.”

Who helped discover quantum mechanics?

Here I have a few people who helped discover or advance with their experiment or theory that they put forth to advance our everyday society both technologically and socially. The first one I’d like to mention is Erwin Schrodinger[1] who is an austrian physicist who put forth his thought experiment now known as “Schrodinger’s Cat” which involved putting a cat in a box with a radioactive substance that had a 50% chance of killing it[2]@0:07.

 We can’t forget to mention one of the bigger physicists who helped revolutionize modern physics, Albert Einstein[3] who developed his “theory of relativity”[4] which is made up of both special relativity[5] relating to interactions of particles excluding their interaction of gravity and General Relativity[6] which relates to how gravity works and affects things around us.

 The last person I’d like to mention which established a well known concept in quantum physics is Werner Heisenberg[7], he was known for his “Uncertainty Principle”[8] which takes into account any mathematical inequality that has a foundational limit where some combinations of particles known as momentum and position are able to be known.

What are some differences between classical physics and quantum physics?

The differences between classical physics and quantum physics doesn’t solely depend on just mathematics alone, the way that atoms interact in quantum physics can be very different and yet similar to classical physics at the same time. One example of this is with classical physics of which it is implied that there is only one reality that exists while with quantum physics due to many atoms and waves being able to exist at multiple places and points in time theories of multiple realities are possible. This picture down below shows just a few examples of the differences between classical physics and quantum physics.

Now that we can slightly understand what quantum physics is, who helped discover it and some differences between classical physics and quantum physics we can now ask ourselves how does quantum physics help us understand space. So the way that quantum physics helps us understand space is that because of quantum superposition which has come to because of dual particles and different waves existing at multiple points at once. Because of this, many light particles, and radio waves that normally wouldn’t reach us are able to because of this phenomenon. This allows us to see a lot more of the universe than we would be able to if quantum physics didn’t exist. There isn’t a single conclusion or answer that can be taken of how it helps us understand space due to the amount of physicians contributing everyday and more and more theories coming out about space and quantum physics, which means that many theories could become invalid in the future.

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TOKTW 2017 Vanderkraan

What Is your job title? My dad is a painter (house painter)

What is your job description?  His job description is to paint houses and sometimes redo a bit of construction.

What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job?  “I manage my workers to paint certain  areas of the houses, also signing contracts for specific houses.

What qualifications do do you have for this job in the following areas?

A) Training? “For training I barely needed to train to qualify for the job.”

B) Education? “you barely need an education to paint houses as it shouldn’t be that hard.”

C) Experience? “I had barely any experience when I started out so, you do need experience but not a alot to be able to qualify for this job.”

D) Skills and Atributes?  “The only skills you need are to be able to hold a paintbrush and paint.”

What are somethings you like about the job? The things I like about this job would be that I know what I’m doing.

What are somethings you dislike about the job? The things I dislike are redoing paint jobs that another company either skimped on or didn’t do.

Student reflections:

Give 3 reasons why you would like this job: 1. It’s not hard to be able to qualify.   2. My family would help me if I were to have a problem. 3. It would be a good starter going into the work force

Give 3 reasons why you would not like this job: 1. I would get bored of it easily. 2. I would be interested in going to other jobs.  3. I would have trouble easing into this job

Is this a job for you? Why or why not?   I believe that this is not a job for me because seeing how there is more technology each year, I would seem more interested in programming rather than painting houses.

Explain the value of the TOKTW experience in relation to your ideas about your post secondary plans:  The value of this experience helps me with giving me options for jobs as I currently have barely any ideas as what to do post secondary.

Different Types of Incomes

Jobs that are paid by:

  • Salary:
    • Attorney
    • Professor
    • Truck Driver
  • Hourly Wage:
    • Secretary
    • Construcion Worker
    • Custodian
  • Piecework
    • Designer
    • Welder
    • Superintendant
  • Commission
    • Sales person
    • Pet Groomer
    • Internship

I would be prefered to be paid by hourly wage because if I did a job which is paid by salary I would have to wait until the end of the year to be able to get the money. Commission is based on how much you sell in a certain period of time and what your commission rate is, will determine how much money you make. Finally piecework is how much you make depending on how many things you make. And that is why i’d rather be paid hourly wage instead of the other ways to get income.

Community Connection

On February 6th, I interviewed an IT teacher his name is Mr. Ford. If you recognize his name it’s because he is a teacher at Riverside Secondary.
I chose to interview Mr. Ford because I’m very interested in programming and learning about computer technology. I learned that it would be nice to be in another course with this teacher as he is a quite open and fun teacher from my experience as having him as a teacher in my first semester of Grade 9.

Interviewee: Shane Ford

Title: Programming Teacher at Riverside Secondary


The Interview

  • 1. Why are you passionate about your job?

Answer: I’m passionate about my job because when I was still in school I found computers interesting and wanted to learn more about how they work and how to program for them. I also find it fun to work with students compared to peers.

  • 2. What obstacles have you faced to get to where you are today?

“When I was still in school I had slight dyslexia of which that affected how I read words. You couldn’t really have someone teach you programming as there were barely any teachers who taught it.”

  • 3. What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

“Always try to do your best even when something doesn’t work out. Teach your students as much as you think they can handle, or just set barely any limits to their creativity. Not only does it reward you as a teacher for teaching the students but it helps them as well in learning.”

  • 4. Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

“I’m fine with any student contacting me through my school E-mail as I am a teacher. I like working with kids and would like to teach more students if they are willing to learn. If any student wants to reach me they can use this E-mail “

  • 5. How was it on your first day of teaching?

“I was pretty nervous as I had high expectations but, I didn’t know if they would meet those stnadards so I started out with just the basics and asking what they want to learn and what they already know about technology. It isn’t always easy setting up for the first day of teaching as the technology might not always work and you also have to adapt to the learning methods of your students.”

Math 9 – Scavenger Hunt

Here is a photo of some parallel lines on a Q card

It represents parallel lines because they are seperate from each other and the lines won’t cross paths.

Here is a photo of perpendicular lines.

It represents perpendicular lines because the lines interact with one another.

This is a picture of something mathy

It represents something mathy because there is an equation on it.

Here is and example of an cylinder

It represents an cylinder because it looks like one

Here is a picture of an example of and acute angle smaller than 90 degrees.

It represents an angle smaller than 90 degrees because it’s smaller.

this is a picture of a 4 sided figure. It represents a 4 sided figure because it has four sides.