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Creative Thinking – Spoken Word

Self Reflection

Rune Goldberg Project

Step 1: the train is pushed forward.

Step 2: the train pulls the pulley which is restricting the marble.

Step 3: the marble rolls down an inclined plane and activates the train by turning the lever.

Step 4: the train hits the phone, tipping it forward and activating a pulley.

Step 5: the pulley kick-starts the cart.

Step 6: the cart rolls down the ramp.

Step 7: the cart lands on top of a balancing plank.

Step 8: the plank lifts up one side of the pulley.

Step 9: the pulley lowers the pen, playing a song on the phone.

The first transformation is started with mechanical energy (push) and outputs mechanical energy (pulling string), which moves the marble with gravitational energy (moving marble).

The second transformation is on step 4, with the marble flipping the lever, which activates the battery controlled train (chemical) and outputs electrical energy which moves the train (mechanical).

The third transformation is on step 9, with the pen which is lowered down by the pulley (mechanical), which makes contact with the battery-powered phone (chemical), which emits sound using the electrical energy created from the chemical energy.

The different types of energy used in this machine are: Mechanical, Gravitational, Electrical, Chemical, Sound.


I am grateful for the fact that despite of my Chinese descent, I am not discriminated against and forced to leave the country, thanks to the Canadian signatory on the United Nations Human Rights Charter, which included the Chinese Immigration Law. I am also grateful for the Canadian education system for its acceptance and development of me. When I moved to China and attended elementary there I was always ridiculed for being slow to learn (ie. dumb) as many subjects taught in Chinese education was very complicated compared to education in the west. I often had to stay awake to eleven to twelve pm at night just to finish my homework, and often had to stay behind in school while being ridiculed by my teacher, sometimes even in front of my mother, saying I would never succeed in life. In Canada the education system was much more welcoming, and the teachers were very patient with me. Without these experiences I would’ve never become the person I am today.

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Photo Voice

The purpose to my picture is to criticize the current youth who don’t raise a finger to help the teen Carson Crimeli, who was dying from toxic shock syndrome. It is under suspicion that someone had given the teen the drugs, watched him suffocate, and posted a video of it on social media. All bystanders had to was call 911, which could of saved him. Others may perceive this picture as a murder and a memorial for the victim. We should strive to improve our morals and awareness to life threatening conditions, and call emergency services when necessary. The photo shows the community paying their respects to the passed away teen with flowers and memorial pictures with the intention of draw out your emotions of sympathy.

I learned that photos can tell a story just based off imagery and that different perceptions can be viewed, changing the meanings of the photos immensely. A photo can also be used to inject a political view or draw out immense emotions. I feel that some photos can omit some details that contribute to the story just to force ones views and opinions onto someone else.

I believe that the community should raise awareness for when someone is in danger or medical emergency to call 911 and be more aware not to trust so easily, as the victim was supposedly force-fed drugs and overdosed whilst being filmed. The government should also be more careful when dealing with contraband substances such as drugs, cigarettes for minors, alcohol for minors, and medicinal marijuana.

Flag Pole Lab Math 10 2019

For this lab we began by measuring the height of my line of sight relevant to the ground (1.54m)

Then we chose a spot where we can see the top of the pole and used the clinometre to check the angle from my line of sight to the top of the pole (57°)

After that we measured with the wheeler (I forgot the name) to determine the distance between my feet and the pole (5m)

Recordings here

Infinite Thoughts

What are countable infinities? What are non-countable infinities?

Countable infinities are the infinities that include numbers that can be counted like whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers

Non-Countable infinities are the infinities that include the numbers that can’t be counted like irrational numbers such as pi, with the number not having an exact decimal answer to date.


What do you know about infinity?

Infinity is used as a way to measure the numbers that are too large for you to count, and the infinite number amount of numbers there are, no matter how long you count, you can always add another 0 to it, add another 1, and the number will keep on expanding.

Different levels of infinity are used to measure the numbers that are too hard to count that aren’t included in the normal infinity, such as integers, irrational numbers like pi, and amounts of digit in a repeating decimal.

Fractured Poetry Bk B

Sentence: The headphones are the only method I can use to distract myself from my life with the use of music.

Phrase: “I don’t have to think.”

Three words: distract, isolate, music

I had chosen these words because they were what I used the headphones to do and what I felt

This gives me an idea of using words relevant to the theme to relate to the reader

I learned a method of connection to the reader and how to take keywords from stories that are important

The isolation of the environment was seeping into my everyday life, the distractions using music that were provided by the headphones had become common place, causing me to be inseparable from them. Due to this even in the rare event of an approach from others, the tendency to ignore their efforts of socialization had surfaced. From my perspective, they were just voices in the background, creating unnecessary noise that were nothing but distractions. It had become apparent that the headphones were no longer isolating me from just noises, they were not isolating me from others as well.

Cultural Connections Assignment

there is also the link for better quality

Community Connections Alternate Assignment

Team Member

The employment that I have researched is being a team member in Speedi Gourmet Ltd. (Dairy Queen in the malls, not grill n’ chill.) The things that I can learn that could benefit me in the future is customer service, experiences with an employer, and cashier knowledge. The requirements for the job is to be 15 or older, but if you are below the age of 15, you would need written consent from your parents/guardians. Communication and teamwork skills, and the knowledge of three languages. You would need to apply on an online form or be recommended by a friend already working in a Dairy Queen. I already work at Dairy Queen so this research is a formality.

The volunteer opportunity I researched is for the special events in Port Coquitlam like Canada Day, May Day, etc. This volunteer experience could help me in the future by providing the needed information for communication and cooperation with other employees and employers, cashiering experiences, organization skills, disciplinary cleaning, and experiences with dealing with children. I am passionate about the field as I meet the requirements and this can provide me with needed life skills that I would use in the future.


Hi, this is Xavier. This is my second wonder project blog post.

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