Step 1: the train is pushed forward.

Step 2: the train pulls the pulley which is restricting the marble.

Step 3: the marble rolls down an inclined plane and activates the train by turning the lever.

Step 4: the train hits the phone, tipping it forward and activating a pulley.

Step 5: the pulley kick-starts the cart.

Step 6: the cart rolls down the ramp.

Step 7: the cart lands on top of a balancing plank.

Step 8: the plank lifts up one side of the pulley.

Step 9: the pulley lowers the pen, playing a song on the phone.

The first transformation is started with mechanical energy (push) and outputs mechanical energy (pulling string), which moves the marble with gravitational energy (moving marble).

The second transformation is on step 4, with the marble flipping the lever, which activates the battery controlled train (chemical) and outputs electrical energy which moves the train (mechanical).

The third transformation is on step 9, with the pen which is lowered down by the pulley (mechanical), which makes contact with the battery-powered phone (chemical), which emits sound using the electrical energy created from the chemical energy.

The different types of energy used in this machine are: Mechanical, Gravitational, Electrical, Chemical, Sound.