February Lab Refletion

For this months lab review I decided to choose the biscuits and gravy. I chose this recipe due the simplicity of it, other than the cheese in the biscuits this recipe does not take too long to make. Especially with a recipe like this I can see my family and I actually eating this, of course not too often since this recipe really isn’t the healthiest option because of the fatty bacon and sausage. During this lab it was Mathew’s and I’s duty to work specifically on the gravy. I personally enjoyed this because I enjoy cooking more savory foods oppose to baking. While cooking the gravy the smell of the cooking meat was very strong which I found very pleasant however when adding the flour it took us by surprise how quickly the oils and fats thickened up. After trying our best to cook the gravy and despite following the recipe to the best of our ability our gravy did not turn out the way I pictured due to the fact that the gravy was really thick compared to most southern-style gravy this probably occurred due to over stirring while on the stove which over time kept evaporating the milk leaving us with more of a paste then a sauce as our final product. Shortly before this lab we were instructed to move table groups, in hopes of meeting and working with a new group of people, although this is an assumption, I don’t think that previous to this class any of us were really that great of friends or even friends to begin with. With that being said, this lab, being one of our first labs actually turned out pretty well from a team standpoint. I found everyone to be really nice and it was nice that none of them were afraid to start or engage in a conversation. Because of all this I found with this lab and even the other labs they were successful because we were able to delegate jobs and tasks and during every lab someone is always willing to do dishes or other duties without being asked during times where not all four people were needed for the lab. After seeing the final project I wouldn’t mind trying the other half of this lab, that being the biscuit, Yulia and Aly did a great job so I would like to see if mine could look or taste similar. However with the gravy I would defiantly want to either add more milk or time myself properly to ensure that the gravy’s overall consistency is how it is not only preferred but expected. Overall personally I enjoyed this lab because of the not only the end result but working with my group.