TOKTW 2016


What is your job title?

Reception and office administrator.

What is your job description?

Greeting everybody, answering phones, and administration.

What are the duties and/or task you perform at your job?

Answer phones, greeting people who walk into the door, set up new files, input attendance and grades, and adminstration.

What qualifications do you have in the following areas:

Training? Typing, good organization skills, time management, and multitasking.

Education? At least regular high school education.

Experience? Work office experience

Personal qualities? Friendly, amd positive attitude.

What are some things you like about this job?

Meeting new people.

What are some things you dislike about your job?

Sometimes too busy stuff doesn’t get done.

How do anticipate this job changing in 5 years?

More efficient with new technology.

Give three reasons why you would like this job.

1. Great friendly environment

2. Always meeting new people

3. Good place to gain experience

Give three reasons why you would dislike this job.

1. Constantly talking to strangers

2. Phone always ringing

3. Very social

Is this the job for you? Why or why not?

Personally I do not think this job is for me just for the simple fact as I have a hard time being social around strangers.

Explain the value of TOKTW?

I think the value of this is to really think about what you want to do as you grow up and its a good reality check to remember whatever job you might want now, might not be what you get in future because you can find new passions but as long as you do what you enjoy you’ll be successful.