Individual English project

Street pharm individual project

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Chapter name- “a second chance”

The night came where I would finally take Alyse to the Knicks game I promised to watch with her. I wore my flyest outfit with my diamond stud, gold chain and Steve Francis jersey to represent my Knicks. I hopped into the taxi eager to see Alyse.
I knocked on the door and heard Gavin crying, Alyse’s mom opened the door holding Gavin.
“Ty! Nice to see you, Alyse will be here soon come in!”
I sat on their couch and avoided the spot with the weird spring. Alyse came downstairs wearing tight jeans and a Knicks hoodie.
Even in hoodies she looked fine “damn shortie you lookin hot” Alyse blushed “aw thanks Ty” she kissed Gavin and said goodbye. Taking a new taxi, Alyse sat close to me,
“Ty I’m so excited”
“Me too shortie”
We were on our way to Madison square garden.
The line for food was a pain in the ass but I just wanted the night to be perfect for Alyse. The hot dogs were way to over priced. Getting to our seats was another pain. Tip-off between Knicks’ Channing Frye and bucks Andrew Bogut began the game. Throughout all 4 quarters the score was close when the Bucks pulled ahead even by a little the Knicks would come right back. And final, 4th quarter 20 seconds left, 110-112 for the Bucks and it was Knicks ball, no timeouts. I could feel Alyse squeezing my hand, she was so into the game. Nate Robinson brought the ball up dribbling just above the logo until 10 seconds left. He called for a screen from David lee. 5 seconds left, Steve Blake rushed to guard him but it was too late. Robinson pulled up for 3. Alyse screaming and the whole arena on our feet, a moment that would take a second seemed like 100. As we watched to ball in the air, *swish* it was good the whole area went crazy Alyse looked at me and kissed me in excitement. For the rest of the night we talked about the game until we final settled in at a pizza place.
“Alyse, I had a lot of fun tonight with you boo”
“Oh Ty thank you for taking me, this meant a lot to me”
“Of course anything for you”
As we ate it was quiet because we were both starving.
Alyse checked her cell phone with a surprised face
“Ty look at the time! I need to get home, Gavin has preschool tomorrow.”
“Aight no problem. ”
I called a taxi.
In the car she rested her head on my shoulder. I could tell she was tired.
I walked her to the front door and she squeezed my hand tight and kissed me. I didn’t want her to leave so early.
“Goodnight Ty.”
“Goodnight babe.”
She kissed my cheek and walked inside.
I decided to walk home that night just thinking back to a great night with Alyse.

All about me

Steak is notably, hands down, a long time favorite. With the soft wheezing of the gas, my fingers fumble rapidly to push the red button trying to avoid the stench of rotten eggs filling the air. A bright yellow and orange glow illuminates the burnt greased grill. Patiently waiting for the temperature to increase, the dancing flames burn the bits on the seasoned grill to darken charcoaled dust and the aroma reminisce of balmy summer days. Finally, the bright, seasoned fresh raw meat falls on the ready grill. Crackling and insignificant pieces of grease take to the air. The white smoke faintly dances as the once red meat leisurely darkens. The burning grills, mark the darkening meat, declaring a state of readiness. Conversely, the grill has yet to make its mark on the other side. The spatula clutches the almost done meat and flips it over. The tantalizing smoke dances across my face, tautening me. Happily, the mouth, watering grilled meat is ready.