Poetry Pairings: A Flame

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in this article, Trymaine Lee relives receiving an unexpected heart attack after the age of 38 and how not only his life, but his family’s life had take a turn. This article first caught my attention because I personally know this experience all too well. Last September my Father had also received an surprise heart attack almost killing him. Lee walks us trough his pain and struggle, not only the literal, physical pain, but the pain of having to say goodbye to those he cherishes. The poem “The Wisp”, goes over the theme of triumph, although the connection may not “click” to the reader right away I believe that Lee really did come out triumphantly over a great battle. He “hit the lottery” (Lee), and that is something he should celebrate.

“A heart attack either kills you or it doesn’t.
I spent the better part of 16 years reporting stories that led me to people who had just missed death. Who understood, better than anyone else, what it is like to make a narrow escape. Ms. Fuller was 19 when I met her, more than a dozen years removed from the bullet. Since the heart attack, I’ve been thinking about what she told me. That it’s important not to be numb. It’s important to say: I could have died.
I didn’t. I have tomorrow, or at least this moment. I want to live.” (Lee)

I believe this image fits with the metaphor of a flame as the sky also compliments the imagery of a bird soaring.

The Wisp

What is Triumph?

triumph rips into my soul,
and settles down to the brilliant candle that lights the path to an endless tunnel. Flickering. Possibly, that flame transforms into a hopeless wisp of ash.

What is Triumph?

It is the sun caressing your face at the highest point of dawn
When the birds soar through heaven and tickle the clouds

What is Triumph?

It is the lion on the highest peak roaring throughout its kingdom, making his presence known to all

What is Triumph?

It is the rebirth of that courageous ember that burns in the deepest of seas

An Infamous Relationship

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From his clothing style to his music Kanye west has always been someone who I’ve been interested in. this interest is what brought me towards this article. In a very short summary, this writer talks about the infamous relationship between the 21 Grammy awarded artist and questionably the most controversial American president of all-time Donald Trump. I found this article insightful as it helped me to realize the importance of their relationship to each other, as it is beneficial to both of their careers. West uses Trump as a sign of wealth in his lyrics, while Trump uses West as a illusion to make it seem like celebrities like him and his beliefs. However, with this topic I do not agree with anything Trump has said since entering politics but I also do not agree with those who decide to boycott West just strictly based on his own politic views as somebody not even in politics itself. Although due to this relationship I am sure I am not person who may be interest to see the day when Kanye West may run against the current president.

An Upset In Sports History

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Although I would not consider myself a fan of tennis at all I do pay attention to news of huge sporting events. However not only did the sporting event make headlines for the game itself but for the controversy that followed it. In this years U.S. Open the famous and favoured to win Serena Williams, ironically fought hard to no surprise but came short in the final moments of the game leaving a young Naomi Osaka the victor of the tournament. This upset was news but not for the reason others may expect. What drew the attention of others to this game was serena Williams behavior during the game. She was penalized during her match, later accusing the umpire of being sexist. This lead to illustrator for The Herald Sun, Mark Knight to create an image of the match for this newspaper. In this image Williams is drawn similar to an ape throwing a temper tantrum while Osaka, who is of Japanese and Haitian, is shown as a whitewashed blonde. This is not a good look for the illustrator or the paper due to resorting to stereotypical drawings. However as a world famous athlete I do believe it should come to no surprise that the media may not always depict you as how you want to be seen. With all this news surrounding this match I find it has unfairly taken away the attention to Osaka that she deserves, defeating a notable player who is considered an all-time great and now being crowded a champion.